Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring is here! ... almost

Just look at those beauties!  Heavenly Father gave us such a wonderful creation as the first early blossom of the year.
 Ammon got a new bike for Christmas and this was the first time on it.  He didn't forget how to ride over the winter!  He took right off, no probelmo.  I was worried because he learned late in the fall last year, but he did great!

 Allison finished up her last day of skating in phy-ed (or for us 80s folks, gym) and was excited to roller blade.

 We went to the park which was still covered in snow.  A. Lot. Of. Snow.
 I taught Allison something I learned in elementary school last year, which she loves to do now.  No flipping over or anything, just swinging upside down.  Fun times.

 Super Sweet Game.  All you need is a row of swings.
Here's a video and another one (this one is better).
Gorgeous day out!  I'm still not up to par.  Five days now.  The stairs at the University of Minnesota for the robot competition about did me in this morning.  I have about 75% less energy than normal and my appetite is a little shaky, but I'm up and about.  Yay!

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