Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This Chapter is Done.

Did I ever mention that I liked living in Minnesota?  
Well, I did.
It's been hard to say goodbye.  I've been in Utah for not even one week yet, and it still doesn't feel real;  feels like my normal month long vacation, except Justin is here.  
I shed many tears saying goodbye to such wonderful friends. I feel blessed to have made friends in Minnesota with people that finally understood me and accepted me for my quirkinesses.  
Adios, Minnesota!  Until we meet again!
The Dittmer Household is turning over a new leaf.  Our lives are going to be changing drastically over the next few months into years.  This move to Utah is huge for our family.  Let's pray for happy endings :)

Things...and in no important order

Things I'm going to miss about Minnesota:
My wonderful friends
Being a Mormon in the mission field
The ferocious thunder storms 
A small intimate temple/Seeing people I know often there
Fun thrift stores
Having four kids is unique
Green Green Green
Pretzel bagels from Deal Smart
Awesomest accent in the country
Black caps in July
A lake at every turn
Mountain bike rides at Elm Creek

Things I'm NOT going to miss about Minnesota:
The fox bark in my back yard
Mosquitoes and bugs in general
Crazy hot.  Crazy cold.
Early morning seminary

Things I'm looking forward to in Utah:
Hobby Lobby
Tiny Spicy Chicken
That yummy fresh rain smell
Temple Square
No more early morning seminary!!!
Dating for the kids
Typical families
Dusk walks
Seeing cows and farms

Things I'm NOT looking forward to in Utah:
The accent
Having four kids is NOT unique.  At all.  Nor is being a Mormon.
Squishy yards.  Give me space!
Dumb news stories

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Randomness :: May

May 1  Today is my brother Kent's birthday.  Tomorrow is Bruce's.  
Jacob is home with a sore throat today.
5/3  It rained a lot today.  And thunder.  Ammon said it was like puddles coming down from the sky.
I heard some possessed animal screeching last night.  It was a fox.
5/4  Ammon saw the fox this morning in our backyard, except he called it a woof (wolf).
I never feel like I get enough sleep.
I have a massive headache coming on.
I shot a wedding reception and bridals tonight.
I did a quick filter and have lots of great captures to choose from.
Guess that's better than too many bad ones.
I love my new lens.
I went with Jen to Stillwater and walked around shops and ate about a pint of ice cream.
May the fourth be with you.
5/5 Cinco de Mayo.
I have no energy and feel basically like junk today.  I have so much to do.  Bleck.
I'm doing a semi-migraine thing today.  I took my night time medicine at 4pm, which has melatonin in it.  Going to be an interesting evening.
5/6  Waxed my armpits this morning.  I thought it wouldn't be that bad but it was.  Boy, it was.
They are screaming mad 8 hours later.
I also cut my finger making rhubarb cake then found out I was out of eggs.
Surprisingly, I'm not that grumpy.
Feeling overwhelmed trying to come up with new colors, logo, website for photography.
Not even sure if it's going to work in Utah.
5/7  I was woken up by the fox again in the middle of the night.  It's making me want to move sooner.
Ammon keeps on insisting he wear these ugly cut-off sweat pant shorts to school.
5/13  My laptop will not power on.  Boo.
That means my randomness won't be as easy to do.
Isaac is making waffles for breakfast.  (Mother's Day).
5/21  Time's a tickin'.
Ammon and I went for a late bike ride around the field.  We both got ticks on us.  Ewwww.
I love getting prints from my photography in the mail;
Allison had an xray on her foot (fell off a zip line) and it's not broken.
5/22  Anxiety is building by the day.
5/23  Mall of America Park field trip with Allison...bus patrol Thank You.
I woke up with a migraine.  Still here tonight.  So much....to do.....
There is a delightful thunderstorm outside.  Happy.
Allison had her first band concert tonight.  5th graders rock.
I hate.  Hate.  When people don't say anything about their pictures after I give them the disc.
Don't they know how many hours I slave over my computer?  I'm giving them part of my soul.
Even just a simple "thanks" is better than nothing.
5/24  Pruned the maple tree after/during a major rain storm.  I loved it!
A house Justin and I fell in love with instantly has an offer already on it way over what we can pay.
This stinks!
Ahahahhahaha!  Just finished my initial edit of my last session for a few days.  Let the nap commence!
5/27  We were driving home from Meikjns tonight in the middle of a massive storm.
Thunder/lightning in one babang!  Scary!
Plus stupid people blocking the exit on the freeway so they could sit under the underpass.
The roads were like rivers.
I got busted with my eyes closed in Sunday School.
5/28  Up and at em.  It's a packing kind of day.  But I want to play.
I can feel the anxiety building just thinking about packing.
Went for a walk with Justin in the rain last night.  It was fantastic.
Ammon learned the "vampire sneeze" at school.
It's going to be a busy photography week again.
5/31  Shewwwww!  What a day!  Newborn session that took five hours.
 I'm not a baby whisperer, I decided.  But got some fun shots!
I was able to shoot at a fellow photographers studio, which was amazingly fun!
During the session, Justin called to tell me that Ammon was in the nurses office at school with a fever and pukies.
Aunt Grandma graciously dropped everything and picked him up from school.  (She's pictured above in the red).
Finished up with the initial edit of one of the St. Cloud families I shot last night.
What was that?  Yes, I AM awesome.