Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Randomness for March and April

3/10 I accomplished so much today!  Three boys haircuts.  Piano lesson for Ammon.  Cut out 12 balls for the Humanitarian Project.  Worked 4 hours for Links & Kings.  Cleaned kids bathroom (gross!).  
Justin took Isaac skiing with the free passes Jacob got for breaking his thumb (at Sundance).  Isaac didn't want to go, and consequently didn't have much fun.
3/12 Home day with Justin.  Sleep in bliss.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Justin has a job.

Notice the lack of capitals and exclamation point.
This is not an exciting thing. 
Justin has a job with a company called Ricoh.  
It is a huge HUGE company, a $25 billion industry.
Here are the details:
He starts March 17
His territory is North Layton to North Ogden.
We figure it will cost around $500 in gas a month.
He has a small base rate.
There are no residuals, meaning once he makes a sale, he gets paid one time for it.
It's selling business solutions, ie copy machines, IT, phone support etc.
401k matching up to 6%

So there are a few good things, but it is a scary future for us.  He is still looking.
His unemployment has run dry. 
 He didn't notice this until days after he took the job, but there are only $17 left.

Randomness (end of) January and February

1/24 Jacob is 5'8" and in the 50% for height.  Wow!  He's still on the skinny side @ 20%.
Isaac is 5'4" 10% height.  10% weight.
Ammon 25% height and weight.
I have hand cramps from crimping hundreds of bracelets we're making for my brothers company. 
It's nice to have a way to earn a little extra income.
1/26  Jacob had his Eagle Scout Project and Fund Raiser ideas approved yesterday.  This is good news.
He made announcements in Priesthood and Relief Society and did a fantastic job.
I visit teach a sister that is on the cusp of divorce.  I NEVER want to go through that.
I'm on the verge of uninstalling Jet Pack Joyride and Clash of the Clans on Justin's phone.
Dyany slipped on ice on our front steps and broke her ankle.
2/3 Jacob does not need surgery!  He broke his right thumb skiing with the scouts last Wednesday.
The dr gave him a lidocaine shot (twice) to get it back in to position.  He has a nice blue cast.
I've had a migraine since last Saturday.  NOT fun.  Justin gave me a blessing today and by tonight I'm feeling much less cloudy and pained. (update:  lasted 10 days!)
Justin has been trying to get my computer fixed.  It is so slow at editing.  So slow that I'm not enjoying it AT ALL.  We tried to do an updated video card, but it made no difference, so now we're planning on buying a new one.  Fingers crossed that it is faster. (update:  new computer bought and it IS much faster!)
Jacob and Isaac both had zero tardies and absences last semester so they get to go to a luncheon at school.  Isaac is pretty excited about it.
2/13 Helping Jacob with his Eagle Scout Fund Raiser to me, "your persistence is giving me a headache."
Allison cried on her birthday today, because I gave her jammies with a One Direction top.  It was totally a joke gift and I bought them solely for the pants.  She won't even wear the pants. (update:  she wears the pants now)
2/28 I canNOt get Disneyland off the brain, people!  I tell ya, it's going to happen one way or another!
Justin has had three interviews and a trial run? with a copier company.
I'm anxious for my parents to come home.  They've been in Arizona too long.  The bums.
Jacob finished his Eagle Project last Wednesday with the help from the entire mutual.
Excited to chop my hair.
Isaac is now a 16 year old.  We gave him a car for his birthday.  A Hot Wheels car.
I have a job.  A very part time one, but a job.  It pays a whole $8/hour (after taxes it comes to about $5/hour).  I cut leather pieces for golf club covers.  I only work about 10 hours a week.  Justin says I can save this money for Disneyland.

Eagle Project...Done!

Jacob has been a Life Scout for hmmmm, about four years.  Justin and I waited to see if he'd mature more, but that didn't happen too much, so when a birthday is looming, you "get 'er done."

Jacob chose to make a one legged stool (t-stool).  This is beneficial to people with attention issues.  He donated them to Kids on the Move to help children with autism.  

Isaac is 16!

Does this mean he's rearing to date?  Not at all.
But he is growing a serious mustache that needs shaving every few days.  
I recently went to Parent Teacher Conferences, and every teacher I met with told me what a great kid and how nice he is to have in class.  He truly is a happy kid with a happy heart.  He has a ready smile and laugh.  Isaac is very motivated to get jobs etc done to play video games.  His favorite job is doing dishes (go figure!).  He read voraciously, often several hours a day.  Grades are a bit of a struggle to get work turned in, but having cottage cheese as a disciplinary measure helps.
 We hid Isaac's presents in our front room.  Surprisingly, it took him quite a while.  He got a hand me down ripstik and a video game.  Not to mention some wheels - Hot Wheels!
Isaac always requests ice cream cake which is A-okay with me.

We love you Isaac!