Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jacob is 15. Yes 15.

It is a rare thing when people believe me when I tell then how old Jacob is.  I still get asked frequently if we need to get a babysitter.  But indeed, he is 15 this year.  We weren't able to schedule in drivers ed yet, but it's coming soon.  You can get a permit in Minnesota when you turn 15.  Ca-RAY-Zeee!  
We did donuts again for his birthday.  He loves them.  I might have made him a cake but I have caught a cold that would make Satan cry.  We leave for Utah tomorrow (if I get a good nights' sleep and feel a smidgen better).
Notice the missing arm on his glasses.  We have to wait until August for insurance to kick in. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ammon is 6!

We had presents first thing in the morning.  It was an unusual day where we had nothing set in stone so were able to have a true family day for Ammon.
Ammon is a HUGE gum lover.
A new ball for his favorite place: the tramerline.
First recognition of what his present is.  Can you see the happiness?  Love!

After presents we hopped in the car and drove to Elm Creek Park Preserve (about 20 minutes away) to a fabulous new park.  Jacob tends to overuse the word "epic" but this truly was.
 Ammon top of the climbing rock.
 HUGE climbing gym.
 This is a lovely concept and a fun swing.  There was a line so we only were on it a few minutes.
 Oh so dizzy!  And so much laughing!
 This place does make you feel like a kid again.  Justin and Allison were on one side of the teeter totter, and Ammon and I on the other.  Justin got a kick out of making us smack our butts down. 
New outfit :)  And no I did not ask Justin to take this.  As if.  Sheesh.

  After a non-eventful lunch of Wendys at a park, Justin dropped me home so I could work on editing pictures, then took the kids to see Cars 2 (free tickets yay!)

Ammon's cake of choice this year was ice cream cake. ***
Happy Birthday my boy!
Last night I heard him talking with his sibs, "I don't feel six, but I look six."
 One of the best merry-go-rounds in the world.
 Went for a walk on a lovely wooded path.
(Jacob stayed home with a friend so that he could go to summer gym/phy ed.)
Video clip of Ammon's first mountain bike ride.

 I love this pic of Ammon even though it's creepy, which is why I like it :D  Got his skin sagging from the jump.

 Boys practicing skid marks in the gravel.  This was huge for Ammon since he still doesn't know how to use his brakes.

Isaac scraped his upper lip on the bottom of the pool doing hand stands.  Justin made him a mustache bandaid.

Mom and Dad Photo Shoot

Last but not least, Jacob, our photographer.

Minneapolis Nature Valley Crit

This is our third annual family outing to the Nature Valley Pro race in Minnapolis. 
The kids don't last super long watching the bikers, but they love to get free samples.

 Our good friends, the Robison's met us there.
Nate and Justin.

Hell's Kitchen/Scripture Study Group

Oxymoron title?
I'll let you decide.
It was Erin's birthday on the day of our group, so we decided to celebrate by going to Minneapolis to a fabulous restaurant called Hell's Kitchen. Swanky and hip for sure.
 Birthday Girl!
Here is a group of amazing ladies that are helping me maintain a spiritual level in my life plus add a huge amount of girlie time -minus Becca  :(