Friday, April 8, 2011

Randomness by JoAnne

April 9, 2011 about 2 am
Muskrats have ugly tails.
Justin's necklace from Florida broke after three years last night in bed.
I like wearing my original sapphire wedding ring.
Sapphire has two "p"s
Going to Time Out For Women tomorrow.
Going to probably sleep through a fair amount of it.
I'm so glad spring is here.
I'm happy I have a healthy body to rake leaves.
The blister isn't my favorite though.
Time for lights out.
April 10
Justin and I have been digging fresh broccoli - cooked - lately.  Tasty.
I've been sad the past few days.  I want a best friend.
It smelled like rain outside all day, but didn't rain.
Justin and I made super yummy stir fry for dinner.  
My jammies are comfortable.
My parents might fly out to visit.
They haven't been here in a year and a half.
My messy house is getting me down.
Isaac loves hot sauce.
Justin has had a monster sized cold the past few days.
I saw a pileated wood pecker yesterday for the first time.
The kids are all waiting downstairs with popcorn ready to watch Groundhog Day.
I took three hour nap today and had major action packed dreams.
I don't want to clean up dinner.  
I don't like putting left overs away.
I often like to eat left overs for lunch the next day.
My self talk is deplorable lately.
My kids have been cute today.
Hmmm. I might need to retract that last one.
Our whole family squishes onto one regular sized couch to watch movies.
Ever since I've been sick last week I don't want to make my favorite kettle popcorn.  
This is good and bad.
Justin brought me a waffle in bed this morning.  
We forgot it is fast day.
The boys are getting in to playing scramble/boggle on face book.
My left leg fell asleep sitting here.
There was a thunderstorm last night.  First of the year.
I have a basket of folded laundry sitting on my floor.  
It's been there over a week now.
Allison is pretty great at putting clothes together.
We have to leave for church in half an hour and I want to go back to sleep.
Maybe I should feign a headache today.
Then I'd feel guilty.  
There was a woodpecker on our house again this morning.
It is so hard to not get mad at Jacob. 
The boys are using the word 'retarded' at each other.
About time to get out the bar of soap and make a fine lather.
I'm soo soooo soooooo glad we don't have ward firesides on Sundays anymore.
I need to find a way to earn money.
We need to finish up our taxes soon.  Only five days away.
That money is for a vacation to New Zealand.  Woot!  Woot!
I am having a huge doubt that will happen.  Boo!  Boo!
I feel a huge guilt that we should save that money for the boys missions.
Allison loves her high heels.
I got a new calling today.  Troop Committee Chair.
I love Skittles.
It is gorgeous outside, only a little on the chilly side, beautiful sunshine.
Then why do I feel so sad?  I'm not usually a crier.
I hate library fines.
Chicken noodle soup is the bomb.
I can't believe I'm looking at Drivers Ed for Jacob.  
I didn't realize he could have a permit when he turns 15.
Some &*@^%&@ animal is eating my spring greens.
Isaac and Allison are in their swim suits going to do water balloons on the trampoline.
Finished out taxes last night. Over $9k!!!
New Zealand here we come!
And also another huge accomplishment:  put away all the snow clothes!!!!!
Ammon walked in the door and noted how clean the entry way was.
Finished Allison's binder (cloth covered with cross stitch initial).  Hope she likes it.
The birds are chirping today.
Jacob and Isaac are in a super heated screaming match downstairs.
Allison got the cutest haircut today from Kristy Abrahamson.
My daffodils are blooming!
I got to watch Helen and Simon Robison today.  So cute!
Glad my pms bout is on the down hill.  That was some scary stuff.
Laura came over and went on a walk with me through the field.
Then we watched Pillow Talk.
I love Doris Day.
I can't turn the lights off.
I have to get Jacob off to Seminary in about 5 hours.  Poop.
Didn't go to bed until 1am.
Made for a yucky morning.
Ammon got himself to the bus; none of the kids missed the bus.
I did a craft project today, but it's not turning out how I envisioned.
Ammon was putting on his flip flops yesterday and said, "these work better without socks."
My dishes stink.
I did the vinegar thing on my shower head.  It's like a brand new one.
Hulu is great.
What a lazy day.
Jacob doing a spanish art assignment:  [I chose him because] he's the only one who doesn't do porno.
I need to get over myself.
I surprise myself at my ignorance I have of the world.
I'm usually glad of it though.
While I know it's important to stay up to date on some things,
 I don't even want to know about most of the others.
I'm glad I'm not camping tonight.
Justin will be home tonight after a three day trip...
for about five minutes.
I'm going to party with some chickies.
I'm taking strawberry shortcake.
Excited for Justin to come home this afternoon.  He's been gone since Wednesday.
I slept over with Ammon and Allison at the Gray's house last night.  Fun times fun times.
My teeth hurt from that cold popsicle.
Thinking and rethinking if I want to do the whole photographer thing.
Will the kids ever NOT play video games Sundays?  You'd think they'd learn.
Headache still there from yesterday.
I won a whole bunch of photography type stuff from a blog give away!
There are still nice people out there.
Sea salt and pepper kettle chips are nom nom nom.
Justin loves his bike rides.
I have a clean bathroom!!
Now if I could get off my butt to do other stuff.
I guess I did get a few photography things done :)
So much drama around here.
Bicker.  Whine.  Complain.  Cry.  Jeering.  Oy Vey.
Joy oh Joy!  Did my last night with Activity Day Girls.
Fun girls, but time to move on.
Root beer float ice cream is dreamy.
Not sure how I feel about some of my "new" shirts.  Or my instyler.
Going to be a busy day.
I had cinnamon toast for breakfast.
It's sunny today!  Yippppppeeeeeeee!
I need to plant my peas soon.
Who wants to come do my dishes.  And laundry.
Not to mention all the other cleaning type things.
Time to go volunteer at Allison's school.
I love when the street sweeper comes.
My headphones hurt my ears.
Good Friday/Earth Day  woop woop.  i'm so over earth day.
Going to the temple with Justin :)
"It's not a tumor"
This is the second time we've left the kids while we go to the temple.
The kids cell phone is lost.  Again.  Surprise surprise.
Finding awesome 80's movies to have the kids watch.  Gremlins.  Honey I Shrunk the Kids.  E.T.
Went to the church egg hunt this morning.
I like naps.
Playing "MASH" with Allison.
I should really not be eating this ice cream (root beer).
Allison and Ammon both told me that I'm fat tonight.
It was a great Easter.  Fun baskets.  Egg dying.
My only regret is not having a family home evening centered on the Atonement.
Oh what a beautiful morning!  Oh what a beautiful day!
I've got a scratchy throat today.
Justin is in Wisconsin until tomorrow night.
I wish I had Skittles right now.
Maybe I'll go make that fantastic popcorn.
My scratchy throat is way worse today.  I've lost my voice.
Plus I feel ick.
I know it's wrong of me, but I like the rain outside.
Those were yummy breadsticks.
Allison is home today with a sore throat and runny nose.
I'm feeling marginally better today, so that's nice.
I found the kids' cell phone in the bottom of the washer.
Justin got it to turn on.  Not sure it's going to work though.
I'm stressed about getting Jacob to do his Eagle project.
Enough of the clouds already.  Bring on a sunny day please.
I bought myself some Skittles at Target today :D
Nice walk with Justin, regardless of a few snowflakes.
Homemade chicken noodle soup is on the way for din din.
I allllllmost burned the bread by watching a dumb show on hulu.  waaaaa!
I have flour all over my face from making noodles.  It feels sandy.
I'm gonna toot my own horn.  That soup tastes amazing.
Wahoo!  Got another prize in the mail.  This time it's a camera charm necklace.
Choir was fun tonight.  Good times.  Even if my voice is all kinds of crackily.
Wahooooo for a sunny day finally!
Lawn fertilized.  Raspberries pruned.  Cushions on chairs.
Justin got a huge gash above his eyebrow today at soccer bonking heads with a guy.
He used super glue to close it.
I got queasy just looking at it.
As Justin says, "it's raining like a mama lama outside."
Dominos for dinner.
I want to learn my camera more/better.
Brewsters Millions tonight.

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  1. Holy to read. I should try this randomness sometime.
    Glad you hear you like broccoli now. I never thought you would eat anything green.