Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A few of Jacob

Went for a little walk with Jacob and made him pose.  

Sunday, May 1, 2011

More Randomness by JoAnne

May 1
It's my brother, Kent's birthday. 
Strawberry crepes for dinner.
I'm finally able to breathe with my mouth closed!
Good family home evening with a roaring game of Nertz.
Read Pres Monsons talk about how we need to stay on the path and not stray.
Good personal scripture study tonight.  I love Mosiah.
May 2
Bruce's birthday.  Wow.  He must be getting old haha.
Had such a fantastic scripture study group today.  So much better when I study.
Ammon sneaking into a bag of Skittles.  I say to him, "do you think I look stupid?
Ammon, "no.  You kinda look fat though."
What to do, what to do.  A whole day in front of me with so many possibilities.
Walked about two miles tonight.
Found two cute Sunday outfits at the Salvation Army today.
Ammon found a tick on him so he gets a lollipop.
Made waffles for breakfast.
Isaac's room is done (except for the closet).  I feel like I needed a hazmat suit to go in there.
Oh boy.  Jacob is mad at me.  I threw out some of his precious trinkets.
Tried calamari tonight for the first time.  I needed to get this down for future generations.
I also ate the biggest grape of my life.
Justin saw a futon on the side of the road on his bike ride today.
At midnight, we drove over and picked it up; hoping to fix it for Isaac's room.
Justin found only one tick from the extravaganza so far.
I hate ticks.  Also noted for future generations.
Waffle and scrambled eggs for my Mothers Day breakfast.
Fun home made cards from the kids.
Rained so we couldn't do our annual walk in Eloise Bulter Garden, so ate din din at our house tonight with LaMon, Barbara, Kate, Dave, Rebecca, Helen, and Simon.  Taco salad.
The entire group went for a walk in the neighborhood.
Fatty fat fat.
Dental exam stats:  Isaac 0, Allison 1, Ammon 5.
So hot today, which was fine except for the sweat dripping from my nose and down my chest.
Trying to decided if we should put Allison in band.
Lawn got its first haircut today.
Orange Julius with strawberries.  Oh yeah.
Young Men vs. Old Men soccer match.
Unique dinner for us tonight:  hamburgers.
Played Plants vs. Zombies with Ammon
My neighbor has flamingos in their garden.
I would love to do a Skittles taste test.
Justin finished his 100 mile gravel bike race today with only mild hypothermia and numb extremities.
Minnesota Mormon Chorale concert tonight went well.
No friends or family to see concert = bummed out JoAnnie.
I love the look of concentration on Ammon's face when he does buttons.
I wish I could bottle it up.
Laid down for a few minutes and woke up two hours later.
A little annoyed at self.  Wanted to spend time outside.
Could this day any more beautiful?  I submit that it cannot!
A big day yesterday.  I bought bowling shoes for Justin and I.
Oh and a dresser for Isaac.
And I sprayed the grass.
And a full bed for Jacob.
Ammon says the cutest prayers.  So simple and heartfelt.
Headache three days and running (not a migraine).
Justin is out of town Monday through Wednesday.
Then Friday through Monday on the annual backpacking trip to the North Shore Superior trail.
Isaac had a band concert tonight.  He got to play the cymbals and a gong.
I can feel a shift in our life coming, but not sure what it will be.
Hope it's a good one.
Eight more days of school.
Got lots done yesterday: mowed lawn, pruned trees, put up pool.
Jacob found a tick in the washing machine.  Alive.