Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011 - pt 1

Annual Shoreview Ward Egg Hunt
This year it was inside.  Not sure if it was the rain, or because the Blaine ward had eggs outside first, but inside it was.

 We went to the Rotary clubs annual egg hunt near our church.  We've gone in the past.  Not sure if we'll do it again.  It's a lovely community project, but a bit of a joke.
 There's a huge metal slide at the park.  It wasn't so great today; a little rainy and cold. 

This might give you an idea of why I think it's a joke.  There are hundreds of kids waiting for the count down on this soccer field riddled with eggs.  When it hits "1" all eggs have disappeared within about 30 seconds.  So much work for such short wahoo!  Ammon got four eggs.

One had a prize ticket in it.  He won a Transformers egg dye kit.   Can you say excitement?
I'm being cynical.  I have a scratchy throat and feel ick.
It was fun for Ammon regardless of how many eggs he got or his prize.


  1. We went to stuff like that when our kids were younger. Fun times!
    Ammon looks very thrilled.

  2. lots of fun memories but I also remember tears from some of our less aggressive kids.

  3. somebody needs to give that boy a big squisher from me. and Alison. And Isaac. And Jacob.