Friday, May 25, 2012

Allison's First 5th Grade Concert

There was excitement in the air.  At least 100 5th graders sitting in chairs randomly playing their instruments.
A mother (me) laughing in the audience.  Seriously, it was cute.  They did sound terrible, but there was great comic happenings throughout the evening.  The band director leading in 4/4 time and the band playing in maybe 3/4.  
 Allison and Naomi
 Allison on the flute
Allison in front of Westwood Intermediate - 5th grade.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Terrain

Justin mountain biking in a race near Price Utah.  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

My kids are great.  They let me sleep in.  Isaac made waffles (from scratch).  
He also did the dishes without me asking.  Isaac, Allison, and Ammon all made me cards.  Ammon's included two dollars taped to the back.  Justin mailed me a nice letter.
We skipped church for a somewhat lame reason.  We were all dressed and ready to go and had been invited for lunch at LaMon and Barbara's (which was yummy and I'm going to miss these guys!)
There we talked about the hand/foot/mouth virus going around church.  Boy do I not want to have to deal with this, so we stayed home.
In the afternoon Jacob drove us to Tamarack Park in White Bear Lake.  Super fun!  I wish we'd had more time to spend in the kids area, but it closes at 4:30.  We hiked one of the shorter hikes and saw some wild life:  three painted turtles and an otter.  Everyone was happy.  Which makes me happy.
 I want to make this walk way.  
 There were many of these forts/teepees along the trail.
 Jack in the Pulpit.  The biggest one I've ever see!  It was over two feet tall.
 Allison feeling the Tamarack tree.  Soft.
Painted turtles.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Randomness :: April

4/3  Thunder storm during the night.
Justin comes in two days.
It's going to be a caffeine kind of day.
I love that I'm busy this week with friend time.
I have the BEST friends.
I don't think they're going to miss me even near as much as I'm going to miss them.
Allison got the cutest haircut yesterday.
I've been loving my new 29er mountain bike.
I try to go for a ride around the neighborhood most days.
I love peanut butter rice crispies topped with chocolate.
I want a tilt shift lens.
I haven't bought any Peeps yet this Easter.
4/6  Justin is home!  I love him!!!
Sleeping in and snuggling.  Smile.
We watched The Hunger Games last night.  I'm always one to poo poo things when they're hyped up, but it was a good movie.
4/10 It's 4:45AM and I have yet to fall asleep.  At this point, I'll just wait to get Jacob in an hour.
Hard to say goodbye to Justin today.  The worst.
Had a nice weekend with him.  Did a family bike ride at Elm Creek.  Painted eggs.  Hung out with friends.  Went to the temple.
I was asked to speak on Sunday.  Joy of joys.  I am the WORST speaker in the universe.
I'm embarrassed to say that I don't remember the weights of my babies.
4/14 It's going to be at least another two weeks until we hear about the Layton house.
My talk is mostly ready for Sunday.  Woo-hoo!  It'll be nice to get out of the way.
It's about gaining a testimony.  I did a trial run tonight and it was 17 minutes.
I cried giving the talk to the wall.  Wonder what will happen during a live one.
Now on to other projects...quilts, website.
I almost pulled the trigger and bought a lens today.  Twice.
Who do I think I am.  Mrs. Money Bags?
We move in nine weeks.  Nine weeks.  Holy. Crap.
4/15  Guess I wasn't meant to buy that lens on eBay.  My internet wasn't working at the exact moment I needed to bid.
Girls night out was super awesome yesterday.  Pedicure.  Dinner at Chino Latino...super yum.  Peal.  Made jewelery.  Stayed up until 4am talking with Becca.  The best!
My talk in church went well.  At least according to reports I got.
I was super sleepy in Sunday School so went out to the van and slept until 5:10.
Church ended at 4:30.
I was supposed to give Kristy a ride home.  Also lead the music in Relief Society.  *Blush*
I am really really going to miss the thunder storms here.
4/17 I love when you get an extraordinarily great sunflower seed.
Justin went through the yellow house in Layton again tonight and took pictures this time.
I LOOOOOOOVE this house!  My hopes are way too high.
4/18 Pretzel bagels.
Ammon had a tick on his ear last night.  He felt it and picked it off, then looked at it and  squealed! A second later crying he said, "that freaked me out!!!"
He flung the tick and I couldn't find it.
I bought a 70-200 lens from the Canon refurbished site.  It still hasn't shipped yet and I'm getting anxious they are going to cancel it.
Found out there are other offers on the Layton house. :(
Went out with my middle/high school friend last night, Karen.  Great girly bonding.
I really like sweet potato fries.
Got an email that my lens is going to be shipped!!!!!
Ammon makes me laugh.
I bought way too much stuff at a beauty store today.  But what fun nail colors!
Jacob and Isaac are at a scout camp out.  Allison is staying over at Gracie's.
Just me and Ammon.
4/21  Rainy day.  Wanting more sunny days for walking and riding bikes.
Worked on Ammon's jean patch quilt.
It's going to be a busy week.
4/23  Met the owner of our house today.  She is very nice.  They are an engaged couple.
Got my hair dyed and styled today.  I love it.  Thanks Kristy!  I don't know what I'm going to do without you!
Did a photo shoot of Kristy's family.  Ezra is 18 months and was a busy little man but still got several great shots.
I'm always amazed that I can find ones I like.  Maybe I have more talent than I think.
Only six weeks until we move.
Our lawnmower battery is having issues.
4/24  Frustrations.  When I sewed Allison's quilt, the tension wasn't right, so I now have to machine quilt it.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Got the lawnmower started with a charger, couldn't get the top on very well.  It ran out of gas.  arg.  Jacob mowed 95% and did a great job.
Had to take a shower because I smelled like gas.  Petroleum gas to be exact.
Allison is giving Ammon a faux-hawk.  They're giggling in the bathroom.
I hate having brittle peeling nails.
It's been almost four weeks since we put in our offer.
Only three more days of being a home owner.
4/25 The 'For Sale' sign was taken down some time between 3 and 4 this afternoon.
My new 70-200 lens came today.
It was love at first sight. After the first click, it turned into a soul mate.
I loved hearing my kids' reactions to it, cuz it's a big lens.
I can't believe we haven't completely run out of tp.  We were almost out Monday and it's still holding out.  It's like the loaves and fishes.
It makes me sad to see poorly shot engagement pictures of people I know.   I can handle not great, but super cruddy was sad.
4/26 Our garage smelled like thawed frozen tator tots this morning.
4/30 Bye Justin.  We plan on meeting again in two weeks.  Either I'll fly to Utah, or he'll come here, depending on if there any houses to look at in Utah.  Round trip tickets are close to $500 so we're going to do standy by on American Airlines.
I'm sleepy all.the.time.
Ammon and I played UNO.
I love grapefruit with butter, brown sugar, and warmed up, but it gives me the runs.
I'm lonely for Justin.
I have approximately 8 photo sessions before I move if they all go through.  Some are for friends and not paid, but some are paid which is great and can help pay off my lens.
I'm craving licorice right now.  Chocolate, black, any type of red.