Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Update on Isaac

I've been sick, and I mean sick the past couple of days so my attitude might be off on things.
I'm not sure how I feel about how things were handled with Isaac and Jake (the meanie) at his school.
Isaac did finally "remember" that he'd been bothering Jake (it sounded harmless to me, but I wasn't there) and I guess there was also a mis-communication between them about something.  Isaac was goofing off and accidentally flung a pencil and it hit Jake, which ticked Jake off when people laughed.
Jake also misheard and thought Isaac called him weak, which he didn't, so got even more ticked off.  
Isaac is still claiming he didn't do anything intentionally wrong, but it seemed like the Vice Principal got the story wrong as well.  The VP told me that Isaac had been antagonizing Jake and calling him names; Isaac said he got it wrong.  I'm sure there was more to the story, as there always is.  I'm not saying my Isaac is innocent.
Anyway, the end of the story is that Isaac got out-of-school suspension and had to fill out some paperwork about bullying.  
He thinks Jake got the same punishment as him.  He didn't miss any days of school.  
THAT is what I don't know what to think of.  
What do you think?  I'd love to hear other people's reactions to this and if I'm off.  
It seems to me that a person who beat up someone else should have harsher punishment than the antgonizer. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

T. O. 'd

I'm feeling quite put out.  
Not as much as Isaac is right now, but as a parent, I'm unhappy.
Isaac came home from school with bloodshot eyes from crying stating that he'd been beat up at school.
A boy in one of his classes punched him in the head in the hallway, then later in the day, in the locker bays.  
My poor little Isaac has a welt on his forehead and a purple bruise and a scrape on his cheek.  
He was too embarrassed to tell a teacher because he didn't want to cry in front of them.
Even if he had been bugging this kid like crazy (which Isaac proclaims he has no idea what he did to provoke him), he shouldn't be getting sucker punched in the head over a dozen times or at all.
Where were the teachers?  Other students to help?
Justin and/or I is going to go in with Isaac tomorrow to meet with Mr. Young at the school.  I called the school immediately when I found out the details from Isaac.  The assistant principal acted like this was a big issue and would be dealt with.  I'm hoping from some past experiences that Justin and I have learned a little and can do our best for Isaac.  We read up on the school's bullying policy.  
I started the day off with a migraine; Ammon's second day home in a row due to a fever/cough/runny nose; mega laundry day; trying to finish editing a session (NOT done at all yet); planning a trip to Oklahoma over spring break; and then Jacob having a severe meltdown tonight.  
I don't know if I can handle another day like today.  I'm praying for strength to be the best mom I can to my kids. 
On the up side, I taught Allison how to play Dominion.  She picked it up super quickly and likes it.  Yay!  My new all time favorite game.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Recoreder Concert

Allison's 4th grade recorder Concert.  Not what I was expecting at all.  They had back up booming tunes.  I volunteer on Thursday's for 45 minutes so am getting to know her classmates :)  
I love the "Hi Ms. Dittmer!!!" 

10 year Photo Shoot

I took Allison out on a cold Sunday for a quick photo session.  She is such a happy go lucky girl.  Skipping in the snow with no complaints.

Goofing Off

I practiced on Ammon and Allison when I got my paper set up for a couple sessions this month.


Justin and I are on a quest to make the perfect dish of Sesame Chicken.  We spent quite some time in the grocery store finding ingredients.  We have only tried one recipe so far and it was okay but only 2.5/5 stars.

Christmas Break Boredom Buster

Allison saw this huge ball in the Menards ad and just had to have it.  She got the other sibs to contribute money and we drove all over the twin cities trying to find one in stock.  
I promised them we'd go to the church gym some time over the break.  Meikjn and her three daughters joined us for the mayhem.  
It took a LONG time to get this blown up even using the air compressor.
I even got in.  Who can resist a huge colorful ball?  It was toasty warm and static-y but hugely fun with Ammon.  So many giggles.
Then we got to take the air out.  Also time consuming.  Hope it lasts in the summer for awhile.  How fun would this be down a hill?

New Office/New Bedroom

Justin cutting the carpet in the wrong place.  Woops.
Cutting it in the right place.
Framed wall!  Yay!
Doorway to the new office.
Putting in insulation.  All three boys "fought" over who got to hammer in the staples that didn't quite go in all the way.  I wish they had this zest for other household projects.

We are now basically done with the office.  Painted, trimmed, carpet relaid.  Just a couple other touch ups and it's complete. We started moving a couple things today.  It's a HUGE job to move everything.  I walk in the old office/Jacob's future bedroom and can't stop sighing from being over whelmed.  Things are taking over my sanity and happiness for life.  Ahhhhh!

Camp Salie Take 3

Our ward has a tradition three years running of a family scout camping extravaganza at Camp Salie.  It's about an hour north at a 4-H camp with rustic-ish cabins, but very clean and nice.  
Jacob playing Othelo with Bro LaClaire.  Games are a must.  This one room meeting cabin gets quite noisy at times but is a perfect place to hang out.
There is always a gift exchange and this was the coveted item this year.
Who doesn't want a barbie?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

9th grade band concert

 Jacob has already had I think three previous concerts to this one.  That's a LOT of concerts. 
It wasn't written on my calendar, so I had no idea of an upcoming concert.  Jacob says to me at 6:37 pm "I think I have a band concert tonight."  
Okie dokie then.  I checked the school calendar and luckily it was at 7:30 pm and not 7:00.  He had to dig his black pants out of his laundry (he does his own) and put on his white concert shirt, but we made it to the school by 7:00.  
Justin was out of town so I "got" to sit alone and "enjoy" the music.  The concert was an hour and fifteen minutes.  That's LONG!!!!!  But they did a pretty decent job.
I was so proud of Jacob doing a few solo parts in a song.  Rock on!

Isaac's a Teenager!

 I can't believe it's happening to me!  Two teenagers now.  Gasp!  
Isaac had his friend Cameron over.  Cameron probably spent more on Isaac than we did, or at least a close call.  What a nice friend.  He bought him the new Pokemon Black for DS.
 If comics are around you know where Jacob will be focusing his attention.  This was the wrapping paper from Cameron's gift.  We haven't had the Sunday paper for a few months.  Poor Jacob.
 Isaac requests an ice cream cake for all of his birthdays.  This isn't ice cream, but a frozen Hershey's chocolate cake. 
Allison watching the candles melt.