Sunday, August 13, 2017

Random Sunday Family Photo

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Africa! #1

Landing in Africa.  I was supposed to bring an affidavit signed by Justin to bring Allison into the country, but I had Jusitn write on a paper.  They kind of laughed at it, but let her in after a moment saying she was old enough to know for herself and that she trusted me.
At the rental car agency, Sixt, I noticed that I left Justin's tablet on the plane.  Long story short, I got it back.  There are good people in the world!  
We left the airport later than expected, I was the first to drive so it was VERY hectic.  Plus Allison got immediately sick and puked before we could get her something.  Ewww.  Poor girl.  Then she proceeded to sleep about four hours like the dead.
We bought groceries at a "black" store but felt safe.  It was rapidly growing dark and we were a few hours from our lodgings.  Dad was having a hard time driving in the dark because of so many ginormous potholes the size of elephants.  I was driving and thought I missed the biggest hole ever but wham!  Nailed it!  i thought I was off free, but after a minute it became obvious that it was a flat.  Dad and I emptied the trunk and got the jack and spare out and were fixing it when  truck stopped with a white guy that offered to help.  Dad quickly said yes.  He was speedy and proficient.  We talked about how they potholes are terrible on this road.  He said, not this road.  ALL of the roads.  He offered to let us sleep at his ranch with him.  We felt good about it because we still had at least two hours of driving left and were nervous about it.  His name is Johann and is a lovely gentleman.  Seriously the nicest host.  He said that God told him to help us.  His ranch is nice and by a river.  He has 19 cows on it.  He built a garage with an apartment (amazingly decorated!) and plans to build a home  on it in the future.  Mom and Dad stayed up late talking including the Book of Mormon.  Dad gave him a cabochon and a Book of Mormon.  We even showered which felt amazing after traveling so long!

The next morning we drove to our lodging Zur Mine Lodge.  What a lovely little spot on earth.  and a delicious jungle to boot.  We were advised by the owner that the weather the next day was going to be foggy so to go see the vistas today at Blyde River gorge.  He also told us about a sweet restaurant that serves native African food, no electricity by the river.  Highlight for sure.