Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not Isaac

I don't even quite know where to start with this post.
I have only recieved a few random comments of this blog.  They're always from friends and family.
Well I got this doooozy the other day on the story of Isaac's bulling incident:
"Your Isaac accidentally flung a pencil that hit this boy, who also just happened to mishear an insult from Isaac? Yeah, right. Mom, your Isaac is a little bully, and this time he picked the wrong victim. Sounds like apologies are due on both sides."
Okie Dokie then.
I was stunned.
Jaw dropped.
This random reader does not know my Isaac if he said this.  I can barely see where he might could come to this conclusion.  Maybe I didn't illustrate it properly??
Regardless, I had Isaac read it, along with the other supportive comments (thank you!)
I asked him what he thought.
Isaac: it makes me kind of sad.
Me:  Why?
Isaac:  Because, maybe he's right.
Me:  What do you mean?
Isaac:  Well, I didn't apologize after I flung the pencil.
(What a good little Isaac)
Me:  Okay.  That's true.  You should have apologized.  Did you do it on purpose and call him names?
Isaac:  No, but I should have apologized.

I love that!  He saw his fault in the matter, and could see how it might have ended differently.
Isaac a bully?  Dude, you've got the wrong kid pegged.


  1. that's a great story. what a great way to turn something hurtful into a teaching moment. i'm taking notes for when Bo gets older.