Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Randomness

July 10 Isaac and Ammon played mini golf for free today.  Sneaky.  They went and played outside the condo before it was opened.  I bought a putter at DI for $2.
I spent about 7 hours looking at new builds in Lehi/Saratoga Springs/Eagle Mountain yesterday.
We got our best bid in barely in time for the house in Draper on Suncrest.
House hunting is taking over our lives. 
Justin loves loves loves watching The Tour de France.
There is a truck driving a port a potty up the mountain.  I guess it's for the alpine slide.
Hope it's empty because it's a steep road.
7/12  Communism is alive and well in the United States.
And people are willing and happy to pay for it.
Seriously.  What a joke.
Our offer on the house in Draper was accepted.  !!  At first.
Then I went and talked with the HOA office and about died.
I couldn't believe the stipulations.  If I want to paint my door any color, I need permission.
If I want to plant a tree, it has to pass their list.  Grow box?  Need permission.
Wouldn't want to see corn growing in a neighbors back yard.  Unsightly!
Must have landscaping in the backyard within 6 months.
I can understand the front, but the back?  What the crap.
Then I found out that there is no bussing to the neighborhoods.  I'd have to drive the kids to the clubhouse, four times in the am, four times in the pm.  What a joke.
No thanks.
Justin is acting like he lost a child.  He was so excited about this house.
We're both feeling railroaded and sooooo tired of looking.
Enough of that.
Ammon is walking around the condo in Park City with a tiny dust buster.  He's loving it.
What a stud.
Isaac has had his nose in Mistborn the past few days.
7/22 Sometimes living with the parents gets frustrating.
I guess we've decided to be Suncrest Draper residents.
Finishing up the Mecham's family reunion pictures.
Justin is at sales meetings for the next 10ish days.
I won a $100 toothbrush at the Smith reunion raffle yesterday.
Justin and I were able to unearth our filing cabinet in the storage unit to get
the important papers for a loan.  Not enjoyable at.all.
7/25 I love my niece, Corinne.  Had a fun time with her tonight.
Finally figured out who we are going to get out loan with. Ugh.
Jacob and Isaac are in Yellowstone for Scout camp Wed-Sat.
Jacob did NOT want to go.  Isaac wanted to.
I wolfed down a couple handfuls of raspberries then picked a fresh apple off the tree.
This is what I want.  Not sure I'll ever get it, but I want a big yard so bad.
Corinne dyed my hair tonight.  No more gray for 5 weeks.
Ate at a super yummy Island restaurant called Rumbi's.  Would definitely eat there again.
I'm afraid I'm going to fail at photography here.
7/26 In Park City tonight.  Nice to see Justin again.
We signed loan papers today, but it's not going well.
I don't think they're going to get the loan done in time.
7/27 Ahhhhhhhhh!  Got our loan turned in.  Kevin found a place that can do a low rate (3.25%) and close in time.  It's been a stressful time with this.  Hopefully it goes well.
7/28 Went on a short hike near Guardsman's Pass in Park City.
Justin wrote Allison and Ammon '12 on a fallen aspen tree.
Ate at a Mexican restaurant for dinner.
Went to Lake Jordanelle.  Didn't want to pay $10 to park, so found our own sweet spot.
Found an awesome somethingorother old equipment along the stream
that Ammon thought was the coolest.
Threw and skipped rocks.  Allison and Ammon made mud pies.
I was able to use leaves in a cave man style.
Dreamsicles on the way home.
7/30  Helped Allison shave her legs for the first time ever.  No cuts!
Are you ever worried the ceiling fan is going to fall on you?
And why.  OH WHY can't they ever be silent.  Always a tick tick ticking sound.
I had to hand wash some clothes and I have them hanging in the window.
Went on a Photo Alphabet scavenger hunt with Allison and Ammon.
We had to pick some not-so-great ones, but it was fun.
  "The restaurant downstairs left their piped booming outside music on accidentally. Lucky us. We get to jive to 70's 80's and 90's music all.night.long."  Facebook quote
I called the police station, and was told they'd get on it, but the music blared all.night.long.
Gave my number for the manager to call and he did and apologized.  Whoopee.
Justin was almost a hero today.  There was a fire next door at a nursing home next to a bike shop.
He went over to help wheel people out, but they were done.
Men's gymnastics, specifically the floor exercises should be banned.  Banned.  Froooooty.
Or at least take out the swaying arms and girly stuff.
I wish I could do fun messy hair styles instead of the same twist barrette I always do.  Boring.