Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nice Utah evenings

Home Sweet Home
12 hundred east.  It's getting to be such a busy street :(
My niece rocks.  She gave Jacob, my mom, and I haircuts today.
She can even cut hair while holding her baby.
And my niece, Corinne is also talented.  Check out these toe nails.
No pic of my haircut; maybe someday :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 5 leaving Med Bow

Time to say goodbye to my sister and her family, and Medicine Bow.  I would have liked to spend more time exploring the back roads, but there was still too much snow to do that this time of the year.  Maybe another time.  
Helping out at the water pump.  Yummy mountain water.

Said bye to Camille's family, then drove over the top and stopped on the way down on a random road to explore (french's something?)
Witches butter!
Cute baby froggie.  There were millions of mosquito larvae in the ponds we explored.  I'm glad we weren't there after they hatched.
The hikers.
One lone morel mushroom.
Poor Ammon.  Still not back up to normal. 
This is one of the reasons I love to hike with my dad...he knows all kinds of cool things.  This is oxygen being made.

We drove to Saratoga and swam in their public pool.  This is my most favorite pool ever.  It is warm. 
It's heated by a natural hot spring.  
Leaving the forested mountains, we drove to Wamsutter, Wyoming and camped for the night on the prairie, with the intention of looking for turritella.  It was found a few feet from the car, although this wasn't where it was expected to be found, and the pieces were small.  Everyone had fun looking for pieces of the stuff.  (Turritella is a rock with fossilized shells.)


Dad:  How come everything I eat tastes like DEET?

? Norman or Dad:  The part I don’t understand is catch and release.

Dad: what can we do to make this feel like Sunday? 
Camille: put away the face cards (playing Sequence).  We could have a true fire side.

Dad:  Can you get me that satchel over there?
Camille: We have a boy in our ward named Satchel.

Day 4

Lazy Sunday.  Sitting around in the campground.  We tried to go for a hike, but the mosquitoes were swarming, and Ammon was tired so I took him back early.
  Then I took Ammon and Allison on a drive up into the mountains.   Most of the roads are still snowed in and the wild flowers are just beginning to pop out.
I have taken two naps so far and have loved every minute of them.  Especially the second one because Ammon came in and laid down by me.

Yesterday.  Now that was a different story.  Ammon was getting sicker and sicker.  By later in the day, I drove down about one mile to the ranger station and tried calling Justin (no answer).  Called the pediatricians office and finally got the answer to take him in to an urgent care.  Uh yeah.  I’m forever away from one of those and it’s the weekend of the July 4th.  Riiiiiiight.  Eventually got a hold of Bro C in the ward.  After sooo much angs,t dilemas, and miracles, I got a prescription of penicillin for Ammon.  I don’t want to put in the details because it caused me much anxiety and tears.  

...Day 3...

My sister and her family met up with us around noon on Saturday.  My boys were super excited to see their cousin.  
 What would camping in Medicine Bow be with out white elephant gift exchange?  
I love this awesome snap of my dad.  He looks demented. Mmmmmm parched corn.

Day 3

Did a very short hike this morning to see what the forest is like around us.  There had been a fire many years ago, and there were dozens of trees waiting to be felled by Isaac (or Grandpa).
Huckleberry blossom.
Road closure due to over flowing river right by our campground.

Allison and I went for a four wheeling exploration with my dad to check out some mine locations that were on the map. 
Pine beetle damage.
It was great riding through huge mud puddles.
We found some miner cabins along the atv track.
and you never know what type of people you will encounter.  Dad stopped to talk to this guy about, yes you guessed it, rocks.  He didn't know much about rocks, but he sure did have an awesome beard. 

Day 2

We listened to Fireflies by Owl City at least 10 times.  Allison loves it.  It is a super catchy tune.  Plus we had seen them the night before, fireflies that is, so it made it even more fun.

I was excited to stop at Sierra Trading post in hopes of finding some awesome clearance shoes, but only found one pair for Allison at a whopping  $7.50.

Made a detour to buy mosquito nets at the  WalMart in Cheyenne, but finally got on the scenic drive to Medicine Bow.

There was an amazing storm going on off to the south and west of us.  So amazingly beautiful.  I wanted to stop and take pictures and told the kids to plan on posing for me.  When I finally found a place I liked, we got out and SWARMS of mosquitoes came out to kill us!  Get back in the car quick!  I grabbed the repellant and took a few pics.
Met up with Mom and Dad at Pine Campground with not even getting slightly lost at all.  It’s so awesome to see them and have the kids spend time with them again..  It’s been almost a year since they’ve seen each other.  Poor little Ammon was still down in the dumps this evening.  It’s also sad to see how much damage the pine beetles have done. 
Jacob was very animated telling my dad about a Lake Superior Agate found by one of his class mates.

Utah trip 2010 - day one

Made it to Medicine Bow Wyoming with relatively minimum incidents. 
We had planned on leaving Thursday after Jacob got home from school, but I forgot to wake him up for the bus, so called the school to say he was late, and oh, by the way, could he miss the last day and still receive credit?  Yes he will.  So.  Frantic moments ensued for me.  I had planned on six hours to get ready, not only had three.   We still had to wait for Allison to get home at noon.

The mean Mom erupted this morning due to stress, but we got all packed with lunch eaten and out the door by 12:45. 

On 35W, driving south to Des Moines, we passed a huge convoy of army trucks and vehicles that were driving  under the speed limit causing a bit of a traffic slow down.  The boys loved to see these in action and it did make for something interesting to look at.

We stayed at the Ramada Tropics in DM, which has a small water park.  The kids and I played around for a couple of hours, went back to the room, drove over to Wendy’s to get our dinner, then waited for Dad to get there. 

After Justin made it (about 7:30), we went out to eat at Famous Dave’s.  We had eaten at one before in Duluth and I remember not being overly impressed.  Same reaction this time around.  Justin got some wings and opted for the Devils spit sauce.  He said that at first they weren’t hot, but it was later that he started sweating. 

Back at the hotel, I noticed fireflies!!!  I was so excited to show the kids.  We spend a few minutes watching them as they made lazy flashes of light in a field. 

Ammon said  he had a headache, and I noticed as I was tucking him in that he felt warm.  Yep.  Definitely a fever; no thermometer required.  Justin offered to run to the store for medicine, but he fell asleep. 

I was having a hard time falling asleep, so Justin turned off the alarm (had been set to six am).  Well, I woke up at 6 regardless.  Ammon woke up soon after and was really hot, sat in front of the toilet awhile and seemed genuinely miserable.  Justin drove to Dahls store and had to wait for them to open at seven.  He bought Sprite, soda crackers, and Ibuprofen.  I worried over how the day was going to pan out with an eleven hour drive with four kids, one of which sick with possible vomiting.  Blech.  

Sad hugs and kisses gooddbye to Justin.  He’s a good man.

Oh yeah, the check engine light came on before I even left the hotel parking lot.  
There must have been an old fashioned car show going on because we was dozens of cool old cars driving into Des Moines as we were leaving that morning.  Jacob loved it.