Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Cecret Lake

More Dittmers

Dittmer Reunion ~ Midway

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Random Photos

Lagoon on a rainy day is the way to go!

Ammon finding tiny polished rocks in sawdust at the Cache Rock and Gem show.

Grandpa Thomson in their booth.

Beautiful backyard in Logan.

 Talking with Elder Dittmer on Mothers Day. 

An impromptu visit at Shawns.
Visit with Elder Dittmer and The Robisons
Mancos and Durango

Momma needs to repent!

I needed to make a trip to Durango to get my crowns put on my implants and why not make the trip while Elder Dittmer is serving in Mancos, just a 30 minute drive - on the way - to The Robison's house.
I compiled a large box of unshippable or heavy items and was waffling whether I would try to see him or not.  Well, that part was chosen for me.  

I drove up to their mobile home at 5pm intending to leave the boxes on his porch.  Well I didn't even have time to turn the car off.  They pulled up next to me!  You should have seen the look on Isaac's face!  He saw me (the car) before I saw him.  

I took a quick (terrible) shot and then got out of the car and gave him a hug.

I wish you could see the look of shock on his face. I think he was also scared because I shouldn't be there.  

Elder Luke, much more calm, said he didn't think it was a big deal to have visitors because he's had his friend stop by twice.  So they invited me in.  
Isaac was in so much shock he couldn't even eat PIZZA!

We sat at their kitchen table and talked life.  I was able to see their study room and how they have that set up, plus Isaac had his bed made :)!

All in all, it was great to see how he if living.  I always love to have an image of where family and friends are living.

Thursday I watched Becca's kids at the church where the missionaries had their district meeting. I only waved to him in the hallway.  I mentioned to Elder Rumsey that Isaac was in the next room, and I guess he freaked out or something. (more later).  (Becca usually exercised there on Thursdays.)

Gus with his train.

Friday, no joke, Becca was asked to take a friend to Mancos to pick up her car that was being fixed.  It was about a block from Isaac's trailer.  I stopped and gave them some medicine and picked up his sd card.


On Monday, I stopped by to get the box he was supposed to have ready to send home, but it wasn't there.  So I drove to the library because it was after ten, and, yep they were there eyes fixed on their screens to utilize the best of their one hour they get.
Isaac heard my phone, the Nintendo sound I get when I receive a text. lol
He sent me an email to stop by later.

I talked with the librarian so she knew I wasn't a bad stalker but a good stalker.  She said it was like The Pink Panther.

Getting my implants.

Nate and Becca couldn't make it through an episode on Psych.

Mancos is basically all dirt roads.
Mancos library.

When they left, I waited a little to follow, then went to their home, but they weren't there!  Ugh!  I waited about 20 minutes, killing time talking with my mom and writing him a note.  He eventually showed up but wouldn't talk with me.  He stayed behind his truck lol.  Elder Luke brought me his box.  What a good obedient boy!


Epilogue:  Elder Rumsey was a tattle tale and Isaac got a call from his district leader.  I guess it wasn't a big deal, but Isaac must have felt bad because he repented and called President Adams.  It all turned out okay in the end.