Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Day of School in a New School

Pictures taken on an ultra windy day.  It's been 6 weeks since they started and are doing okay.  Allison is doing fantastic.  Ammon I find out tomorrow.  Jacob and Isaac are struggling a little, but not overly so yet.  They're all enjoying having cable tv, which we've never had, nor would have, except it comes with our lovely HOA.  

Monday, October 1, 2012

September Randomness

9/4 Looking into buying a new car.  Must have all wheel drive.  
It's going to totally wipe us out of our savings.
Went to WalMart and did double coupons and price matching.  
I love going to one store to get all the great sales.
But seriously, can't people take their kids home to nap and feed them at lunch time?  
So.  Many. Screaming. Babies.
Went to Cascade Springs (along with hundreds of others) yesterday with Tony and his family.
Alpine canyon is amazingly beautiful. It's only about a 15 minute drive.  But it costs $6 to get in.
I love sitting around with family yabbering about nothing and everything.
Made four batches of plum freezer jam and four *almost* pies.
I read that you can freeze the fruit in a pie plate, then remove it, put it back in freezer (I put mine in vacuum freezer bags) and can bake a pie easy peeeezy later.
I love my counter tops.
Not sure how I feel about a gas stove/oven.  My oven is 50 degrees cooler than it says.  50.
9/5  2:00 AM on the dot.  Can't sleep.
My freezer is full to capacity.  I might need to plug in our extra chest freezer.
I made about 15 more batches of plum jam, and two peach.
That ought to last our family 6 months.
Took Isaac to the dr for his checkup.  He's still super small. 3% and -3%.
I found out that at least I don't have to bring the boys in as often.
Every six months instead of three months.  That will save us $60 a pop.
On the down side, we can't do three month mail order on their prescriptions.
That will cost us a bunch more.
9/5 In the pm.
It was a cha ching! kind of day.
Bought a new car!
A Volvo XC90.  Justin has been wanting one for years.
It is much smaller than our mini van, so hoping the kids don't get mad at less leg room.
Also bought flooring for our office.  The dog pee carpet has. to. go.
Excited to paint it a different color than the rest of the house.
We were recommended to paint Kilz on the subfloor.
Also bought a pear tree.
Ate at a yummy yummy restaurant called Teriyaki Grill in Draper.  I'd like to eat there everyday.
Still on the hunt for fun and different hooks for the kids bathroom for their individualized towels.
9/12  Jacob and Isaac went to their first night of Young Men.
Finished painting the office a nice gray.  Actually, I love the color.
The dog pee floor has been a pain.
Started on another project of changing the back of two shelves into pallet wood.
It's much more of a project than intended.   The nails are hard to get out.
Made dried apples with jello with the kids help.
Read today that we aren't allowed to hang laundry to dry outside.
Must have window coverings.  Legit window coverings.  No sheets.
No garage sale signs or any like that.  Ever.
This HOA buisness is a hoax.
9/13  I wish bacon were cheaper.
Two dumbs today.
First dumb:  Got one month supply of meds for Jacob for the price of three.
Forgot to use my groupon for a canvas print.  Expired one week ago.
9/17 It's a windy kind of day.
Justin is in Las Vegas all week.
Our office floor is done.  Done!
Next up is a mud room wall in there, but for now, it's amazing!  I LOVE it.
Spent the morning putting things away and reorganizing my filing cabinet.
I killed about 5 flies today so far.  Where did they come from?? Seriously!  Gross!
My favorite waffle iron is biting the dust...ie: the teflon is flaking off.
I happened upon one on eBay this morning that just popped up.
Got it for $25 with shipping.  This puppy retailed for over $70, so I was pleased.
We make waffles a LOT.
I love having a basement to shove stuff in.
I love the bookcase do-over Justin and I did this last week.  It looks amazing.
9/30 Justin and I got callings today.  Justin is Teachers Quorum Advisor (again)
and I'm in Activity Day Girls (again).  Reruns.
Wish we would hike more.
Went to dinner with Aaron and Tina last night.  I've missed them.
When people don't respond to my emails/phone calls after a few times, I have a strong desire to write them off.
Went to Logan on Thursday and loved it.  Too many finds at thrift stores.
Lunch at Rumbi with Mom, Justin, and Stefanie.
Isaac stayed after school for a test...he forgot I was in Logan.
Was able to get a ride to the elementary school and rode the pm bus home.
VERY stressful 30 minutes for me trying to find someone to pick him up.
Justin's job isn't going well.
2nd raffle for the kids went well.  I've decided it's hard to buy things that make everyone happy.
Except candy.