Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter pt 2

 Allison and Jacob decorating eggs.
 Isaac and Ammon
 Isaac.  They only got 5 eggs each this year.  Which reminds me.  We still have them in the fridge.  Egg salad sandwiches for dinner?
We have a Dittmer tradition, stemming from Justin's childhood.  
Each child gets a designated color and all children have the exact same number of plastic eggs.  We have never been able to do this outside, so this year was unusual that way.  It's typically in our living room.  Justin and I hide them according to age/difficulty.  It's fun to see them find other siblings eggs and not be able to tell them.  It usually takes about an hour to find all the eggs.
 Jacob and Ammon searching for eggs.
 No.  Isaac doesn't have a puke bowl. 

 I love the look I caught on Allison's face.  This is when she heard that Ammon had found the special egg.  It's got a funky design and is one that anyone can find but has no treat in it.  For some reason this is really really cool to them.
 Ammon's  stash.  You can see the stripey egg on the right.  This year, Allison was unable to find one pink egg.  I think the ants will get the candy this year.
 Lunch at Uncle Grandpa's.  We wandered down to the lake for a few minutes.  What a gorgeous day!
 There is also another fun tradition at Lamon and Barabara's.  Everyone picks a hard boiled egg and then you choose a neighbor to smack ends with.  If your egg cracks, you're out.  If not, you keep on smacking other people's eggs around the table. 
 Pretty dang good cake if I do say so myself.  Hmmmm.  Maybe I should go make another.
Ammon the Football Player.  He has squishy blocks in his shirt.


  1. There are so many things I like about this post. The traditions, the yummy cake and the cute little nephews and niece with a Mom who loves them so much.
    I want that cake now.

  2. a lot of very memorable traditions. Good memories that photos will help keep.