Wednesday, February 5, 2014

 Allison came for a walk with me across the street.  I made her pose.  

 Have I mentioned that I love living right by trails?  Well, I do.  

Ammon is such a stud. 

Ammon was playing with some ornaments.  
 Santa came to visit at the HOA office.

 What did you say your name was?  Usually a give-a-way for a non-mormon.
 Turtle Balloon.  

Christmas Morning.  Kids all got their traditional book to read when they work up.  So we started around 8 am.

 Way for dandruff shampoo!

 Jacob had a hard time waking up.

 The kids were really in to a youtube movie Bad Lip Reading, NFL.
 So we bought them orange peanuts.
 And everyone got two boxes of cereal.  

 Justin made Jacob a Lego figure display.
 I made Ammon a bag of disguises.
 Thanks Justin, for the zebra print blanket and pillow.  Snicker.
 Justin got a fancy bike tire from his parents.

I made Isaac a Minecraft quilt.  He loves it.

Our Christmas was amazing, especially while Justin is out of a job.  We were richly blessed by Secret Santas and friends alike.  Some was large and some not as much, but all touched our hearts and made our Christmas merry and bright.  God is great!