Monday, November 18, 2013

The Babysitting Grandparents

Justin's brother Alex got married a couple of weeks ago.  My parents were exceedingly kind and came to our house and stayed for six days to watch the kids. 
My dad was successful at watching most of the Harry Potter movies.  Plus accidentally subjecting my kids to all three of the Matrix movies (unedited).  We have the edited version, but he picked the wrong cd's.  Whoopsie Grandpa! 

We missed carving pumpkins and trick or treating with the kids.  Jacob got quite a load this year!
Jacob and Isaac playing games on my computer.
BYU art museum.
 Allison riding a scooter on the swirly twirly sidewalk on the BYU campus.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Spring Break 2013 Part 2

After leaving Vegas, we went to Zion National Park.  We found a lovely free campground and got our new car all kinds of dirty (still is dirty btw).  
My kids are such spazzes.  

Spring Break 2013 Part 1

I had this trip all kinds of journaled during our trip on Justin's laptop.  He emailed it to me, which is now, of course, LOST in cyberspace.  AND Justin no longer has that computer, thank you very much, Raleigh.
 Family ride in St. George.
Family ride in Las Vegas.
 Easter celebrated in the great outdoors.

I loved our campsite.  Quiet.  No people driving by.  Lovell Canyon Road.
The kids built an extensive fairy house using garbage found in the area.
Red Rock Canyon.
 Hike before hitting The Rock that broke the trip. And the car.  And our happy day.
Look out for that rock!  BAM!@#$%#$!!!!  = New Odyssey bought in Las Vegas.  Long painful story. 

A Beautiful Daughter and a Walk

I was really enjoying a couple weeks of warmer than expected temperatures and went on several walks in the woods across the street.
I typically went with Ammon, but happened to go with Allison and my camera at the same time.