Friday, January 27, 2012


I have two rooms I've been able to photograph so far!  Many are so so close.  Wahoo!

Which do you prefer?  Vertical or Horizontal shots?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hairy Angel

Picture this:
It's cold.  I mean c.o.l.d.  Temperatures in the negatives with the windchill factor makes for a miserable day to be outside.  I've just returned from taking Jacob and Isaac to the dentist for checkups, and thankfully neither had cavities.  It's always nerve wracking to have Jacob drive and this day was no exception.  I noticed my right leg was digging into the floor of the car; either to brake or punch on the gas.  
So, I already had a heightened anxiety level.  Got home at 5:15 and needed to take Isaac to the high school for a band concert (practice at 6, concert at 7).  Since I'm off cooking while Justin is out of town, we scrounge up a quick dinner.  
Right on time to leave, Isaac, Allison, and I bundle up and head out to the car.  Here's where the fun begins.
It's cold.  I'm on the grumpy side.  
The sliding door on the passenger side won't close.  What the crap!  Seriously!? Yes, a few colorful words escaped my mouth.  The door would not close no matter what we tried.  After about five minutes, using my cell phone flashlight app (which I love), none of us could figure it out.  
I made Allison stay home.  I grabbed a dish towel and tied the door shut, blasted the heat, and told Isaac to put on one of the blankets.  
We take off.  Going around a corner, one of Isaac's drum sticks fell out the door.  Can you believe this?  I think if this had been on a sitcom it would have made for some good laughs but I was near tears.  Isaac runs back to get his stick and off we go to the high school.
I tried to see if Justin could get in touch with our mechanic but they were closed.
I dropped Isaac off at the school, feeling like a terrible parent because I didn't want to leave the car in the parking lot with an obvious open door.  
Driving home, feeling massively overwhelmed, I plead with Heavenly Father, I can't take much more. 
And a name popped into my head that is our neighbor.  I drive straight there and am walking up to their door, when Mitch drives up from work.  I explain the problem and he said, "get in the car."  Then he opens his heated garage and tells me to drive in.  He takes about 10 seconds to fix the stupid door.  A latch had been stuck.  That was it.  That's all.  Stupid cold Minnesota weather.  I'm assuming that's why it was stuck.  He showed me how to fix it if it happens again.  
He was my hairy angel that was an answer to my desperate plea to Heavenly Father.  He has a big beard.
I know he's watching out for me and my family.  
I was able to pick up Allison and we got to see the band concert in its entirety.  
I did take a lovely hot bath to try and detox.  
Dang - just noticed the time.  I wanted to have lights out around 10.  Waking up for Seminary is the pits.