Sunday, February 3, 2013

January Randomness

1/1/2013  It's a New Year.  We have nothing planned much for the day except take down the tree (which is already naked).  And do our 2013 goals and All About Me papers.
Tree down.  Christmas boxes carried downstairs.  Shelf put up.  Kitchen sparkling.
Kids went sledding.  I took a nap.  
Painted two dresses for Allison's room.  Read lots more Book or Mormon.
All in all, a good day.
1/4  A phone call from the high school informing us that our child has not bought a year book yet.
I've been sick in bed for three days.  Caught up on all my tv shows.
Funds are getting tight.
My house makes me jumpy: static electricity.  KaPow!!
dog hairs dog hairs dog hairs
1/6  Do you ever feel like you were supposed to email/call someone, but don't remember if you did already?
There is a missing 55 year old woman that lives about five houses up from us.
Police, search parties, helicopters.  Scary stuff.
I got to babysit our neighbors little girl for a couple hours when they went out to search.
Allison is almost done with her Faith in God booklet.
Made very yummy egg rolls.  Made not yummy chicken lo mein.
I don't like chinese five    And maybe not hoisin sauce either.
Ammon is MVP in his class this week.  Got to make him a poster.
I only have two...TWO pineapple lumps left!  Disaster!
1/7  Our neighbor was found in a construction site, VERY close to where Justin was searching.
I am thanking Heavenly Father that he didn't find her with all my boys.
What was I thinking?  Sending Ammon out on a search party?!
My heart truly does go out to this poor family.
1/10  It is blowing snow outside something fierce.
I had a teaching assignment for tomorrow but smartly cancelled it this morning.
It's going to be ugly out there.
And Justin is out of town.  Which means I get to shovel when the boys are gone.
Also means Justin will be driving on the awful roads with even more awful tires.
I have substituted two days now.  Both happened to be at the same school.
Yesterday went well; it was a half day.
Today, was more tiring.
I woke got up after not much sleep with a nice headache, so didn't have a good start to the day.
Came home exhausted.  I don't know how teachers do it!
And I earn pretty much minimum wage.
1/15  Worked a half day today.  Cha-Ching!
Finally made it to DI and found a few good finds.
Justin went snowshoeing with Kevin and saw a pack/herd of mountain goats.
Isaac got his new glasses and was amazed at the clarity around him.
1/18  I've been a working mama the past two weeks.  I've logged in five substituting jobs.
It's making me tired though.  And our house is messier than ever.
End of the semester for Jacob and Isaac.  Isaac did okay.  Jacob on the other hand, well one F and two D's, plus other random grades.  We spent several hours trying to get something figured out.  I'm upset with the school.  They were supposed to have someone tracking him and his school work.  FAIL.
Although I take 90% of the blame.
1/21  Ammon played with a neighbor friend this morning.  The rest of us -Justin walked to get him then walked the loop home; a little over a mile.  It is a nice day out.  The kids had fun playing with icicles and sliding on the ice.
1/28  Mannequins freak me out.
Finished a valentine pillow.
Justin is in Las Vegas.  He got to ride with John Tomack.  Justin was in star heaven.
He also got to see Blue Man Group for FREEEEEEE!
1/29  Woke up to a large amount of snow on the driveway.  Justin knows how to time his overnights.
It's snowing about an inch every half hour.  I cancelled my sub job/volunteering.
1. So I don't kill myself on the roads.
2. So I can pick the kids up from the bus stop so they don't get killed by drivers.
(They don't plow the sidewalk very often so kids walk in the road.)
Update:  about 18" so far.  We have to shovel our piles so we can shovel the driveway.
The kids look forward to Toasty Tuesday.  They get free hot chocolate from the HOA.
It's nice fantastic now that Ammon can put his snow clothes on by himself.
1/30  Jacob was getting himself milk for cereal and noticed we were all out of whole so he had to resort to skim with a "gross."
Claimed my kitchen table back after a week of puzzle building.
Justin brought me some presents from Vegas.  A pad of paper and pen from Monte Carlo Hotel.
And a few hotel toiletries:  soap, body wash, and a shower cap.
Justin was getting the mail and helped a neighbor (never talked with or seen) get a new snow blower out of their truck.  He gave Justin their old one that needs a carburetor overhaul.
Wonder if it's going to work. (not yet as of Sunday)