Saturday, April 2, 2011


Jacob has been involved in FIRST Robotics this year. 
It's a robot competition. 
He's in a high school team that has to build a working machine that will do a specific task against the other teams' robots.  He's been working on this for several months and the culmination of all their hard work ended today.  It was a major time commitment for our family and he didn't even go to several of the meetings.  They met every week Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for over two months.  I must be honest and say that Jacob was not a huge contributor.  He was one of the kids in the back ground.  He had ideas that occasionally  listened to, but he needs someone to guide him and keep him on task.  There were a few kids that were, not exactly bossy, but very controlling of everything.  This is very much a 'take it and run' kind of program, but he LOVED it.  Hopefully next year, he'll have more of an understanding of the program and put himself out there more.   
Here are some pictures:
Jacob explaining one of his ideas with our mentor Eric B.
Most of the group is pictured here.  These tubes were the types used in the competition.
 Our robot is out there, red side.  Team #3699
I love this one.  There were bright lights scanning the crowd.

They finished in 27th out of 60 teams.  Nice job fellas!

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