Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More of Oklahoma

Oh my goodness.  The weather!  It was so nice!  We left 34-40's to enjoy the 50-70's.  Sigh.
 Justin, Ammon, and Jimmy.
 First time meeting Thomas (four months old).
 Brittany made me this awesome jar of photo props. 
 Jimmy.  Someone get this kid a washcloth stat!
 Grandma and Grandpa let the kids pick out fish and name them.  This fish tank was a huge hit with the kids.  They spent tons of time sitting in chairs chattering back and forth about what each of the fish were doing.
 Love these guys!
 Allison is a super baby sitter.  She took Atticus for a walk around the block.  Also, our first time meeting him (20 months).
 Ammon getting on his skateboard groove, trying to do a kick flip.
 Allison had a thing for bugging Alex.  He was good to try to keep her at arms length at all times.
 Alex playling frisbee in the front yard.
Allison played ball with Allicus for ages.  This boy loves balls.  He has a lot of similarities to Ammon at this age:  bottom scooter, rubs blankie on nose, loves balls.    He's a very quiet boy and so cute!

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  1. all the babies look so big and cute! thanks for posting! alex can handle a little bugging, i bet. i love ammon's poses.