Friday, April 20, 2018

Random Phone pics

 Myri looks like a Sphinx. 
 The Greatest Movie of All Time.  imo.
 My new scripture study area.
 Myri likes to distract.
 Jacob home from school.  Never enough sleep for this kid.
 Playing Skip Bo.  We need a chair for Myri because she always wants to see what we're doing at the table.  She often steals our chair.
 Tony and Eve
 New rug that I LOVE.  Allison, Jacob, and Ammon all think it's ugly  I like how it brings in the random colors in our room and makes sense of it.  
 Started Jacob on new meds.  He slept about 36 hours straight.
At the ENT.  
He has a chronic sinus infection and have a regime setup to see if it helps.  If not, surgery!

Mom's phone continued

 Looking at Wands

 Lard Boy donut.  Delish.

 Broomstick Feast

 City Walk

Allison Garrett and Ammon photo bomb Homer
 Afton Canyon.  Impassable.

 Meadow Lava tubes

 Meadow Hot Springs

 RAIN on the drive home
Lemonade for days from Andy's yard.

Spring break from Mom's phone

 Poverty Flats campground near Valley of Fire
 Pastel Canyon, Valley of Fire

 Mojave desert

Justin found a weird marble. 

 The squeaky Styrofoam airplane

 Rings Hike.  Justin must try to climb everything.

 Lava Tubes

 Ponto beach, California
 Bird pooped on the first time in my life.

 La Jolla, cold!

 stinky seals

Adventures to Hollywood, LA.