Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Disneyland Celebration!

I have had a goal to take each of my children to Disneyland.  Well, with Jacob graduating around the corner, it had to happen this year.  I put in a million billion hours at work to make this happen, plus a couple other helpers out there.

 We drove through Kolob canyon on the way to CA.

I forgot a fanny pack (a must geeky-have for Disneyland) and stopped at a Goodwill.  It was a clearance Goodwill.  You buy things by the pound.

 My nephew Garrett with his ice cream cone from Soup Plantation.

Cousins playing games and watching Steve Irwin.

Dad eating a fig from Andy's backyard.

Me and Clara.

Me and Andy.  He took me boogie boarding for the first time!

Sand and Sunburns!

Jacob and Isaac both did boogie boarding.  Say what!?

 Fresh squeezed juice from Andy's trees.


It took one day for Jacob and Isaac to realize Disneyland isn't for kids and to not be embarrassed.

 Isaac's sunburn from the beach.  It was windy with the spray sunscreen.  Snort!

Andy and his family joined us for a day.

Tuckered out.

Deep fried pickles.