Friday, July 14, 2017


Airplane flights were relatively good.  Of course sleeping on a plane is never good.  We had two nights, two sleepless nights.  During out 10 hour layover in Frankfurt Germany, Allison, Dad and visited the city while my mom stayed at the airport and watched our bags.  We ended up walking so much, that Mom would have hated it.
It was a holiday so the shops were closed, but we were able to see two churches and a festival of some type in a town square.  We were told it was a reunion for schools.  With a town band to boot.
We had local ice cream, a cheese pretzel and ate at a hamburger joint with amazing sweet potato fries.  
All in all, I was glad to see it, but felt like I would like to see OUT of the city more.  

                                                          Cheese Pretzel

               Toilets                                 Dad taking a nap in the city

Burger King.  It delivers.

Cool shopping mall with a hole in it.

Cat tail

Ammon 6th Grade

No More Grade Schoolers

Ammon is now an officially done with 6th grade and will move on to Timberline Middle School.  
 Mrs. Payne
 End of School Dance Festival
He looks like a tiny kid!