Sunday, October 19, 2014

Jacob and Isaac

My heart was filled with gratitude, love, pride, happiness.  You name it.  When I saw my two boys bless the sacrament today.  It's a great feeling to have these two great kids in my life.  As a parent, you always want your kids to succeed, to remain active in church, to become the best they can.  I pray for this so hard.  I hope I am doing enough to raise these young men to become wonderful, caring husbands, that will treat their wives like queens, like their dad treats me.  
*Heart is squeezing*

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Ammon and I were having "Ammon/Mommy time" the other night and went to our neighbors hot tub for awhile.  He was a non-stop chatterer, which I love.  He's very inquisitive when he's like this. 
Out of the blue he said, "did you know I have a crush?"
This made me  lol  for reals.  
I asked him who it was.
"Her name is Cecily."  
I asked him why he liked her.
"Because she's cute.  Because she has freckles, Because she doesn't pick her nose."
I was really LOL'ing over this one.
The cherry on top:
I asked him if he wants kiss her. 
He said, "no." Pause.  "well, maybe."


On a side note, this kid is amazing.  He might have a hard excruciating time getting homework done on occasion, but sometimes he can blow my mind.  
This morning, he gave himself a bath, put on his suit, fixed his hair, AND worked on his book report.  ALL without asking.
*Smiling Mom*

Monday, September 22, 2014

You're looking at a man newly employed!  This is an exciting day for us Dittmers!
So much so, that I made him a hot breakfast and plan on making his favorite chicken enchiladas for dinner. 

I won't get into too many details but Raleigh has hired Justin back as the Utah Territory Manager (same exact job he had before).  He is beyond happy about it.  
No lies...the past year has been a HUGE trial, with lots of questions asked and blessings given.  We are thankful for those who supported us in so many ways.

I had this quote on my pantry door for several months.

Those who have faith and move forward with a happy spirit will find that things always work out.

- Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 2014

Ammon's 9th Birthday Party

Ammon, Jonah, Cameron, and Azer.

We went and saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 so had dragon cupcakes.

You can never go wrong with water balloons.

They played Simon Says with water balloons.  Fun game!

My brother Bruce and Lynette visited a couple hours from Oregon.

I've spent many many hours cutting liner for my work in my basement.  Justin rigged up this awesome bolt holder.

We got free tickets to see a RSL Real Salt Lake soccer game.  It was a HOT day!

Ammon took two rounds of swimming lessons at our local neighborhood pool.

Jacob fell asleep in my room on my love seat.

Dress Like a Cow Day at Chick Fil A.  

 We have recently become good friends with the Carlson's in our ward.  They invited my oldest three to campout  - overnight - on the street for the July 24th parade in SLC.


Fun evening of tin foil dinners - forks + whittled sticks for forks up American Fork canyon.

Justin broke his collarbone on the day after his birthday mountain biking.  


Justin and I had a one night stay-cation in town.  We drove up Little Cottonwood canyon.  Beautiful wildflowers.  Even with a newly broken collarbone, we had a great time.

Free tickets to a Jazz game (we lost).

Ice Cream at Thanksgiving Point for FHE.

Some great friends we met in Minnesota who now live in WA stopped to visit a couple of hours, Bryant and Jeanne Condie.

Mad Libs are always a win win.  

Tibble Fork rafting.  Allison brought her friend, Tianna.

 We stopped at a splash pad on the way home.  

First time on a tandem bike ride with my niece Corinne.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Disneyland Celebration!

I have had a goal to take each of my children to Disneyland.  Well, with Jacob graduating around the corner, it had to happen this year.  I put in a million billion hours at work to make this happen, plus a couple other helpers out there.

 We drove through Kolob canyon on the way to CA.

I forgot a fanny pack (a must geeky-have for Disneyland) and stopped at a Goodwill.  It was a clearance Goodwill.  You buy things by the pound.

 My nephew Garrett with his ice cream cone from Soup Plantation.

Cousins playing games and watching Steve Irwin.

Dad eating a fig from Andy's backyard.

Me and Clara.

Me and Andy.  He took me boogie boarding for the first time!

Sand and Sunburns!

Jacob and Isaac both did boogie boarding.  Say what!?

 Fresh squeezed juice from Andy's trees.


It took one day for Jacob and Isaac to realize Disneyland isn't for kids and to not be embarrassed.

 Isaac's sunburn from the beach.  It was windy with the spray sunscreen.  Snort!

Andy and his family joined us for a day.

Tuckered out.

Deep fried pickles.