Sunday, April 10, 2011

Say What?

A friend of mine the other day said something that hit a nerve.  It was in a public place with lots of other friends and she made a comment about a guy that had been there the previous week and played an April Fools joke on us.  He acted rude and loud and obnoxious.
Well, this week as we were talking about the joke, she made a comment that she thought he had Aspergers and got a few giggles out of some surrounding people.
I thought, "huh?  say what?"
That was a stinging comment.  
I sat and mulled this over the rest of the night.  When I had a chance to talk with her alone I told her that I have a son with Aspergers syndrome and it offended me when she used it like having autism is something that is laughable.  I didn't quite say it like that.  In fact as soon as I said I have a son with Aspergers she immediately began to cry and felt horrible for what she had said.
I was certainly not mad at her for I'm know I've said things that have hurt people with no intention to do so.
What hurt was that my son is a joke to people.
I don't want people to judge him for being "quirky," but because he is amazingly different.  Autistic people tend to be misunderstood.  I hope with all of the surge in diagnosis and media that is will be more accepted and understood in the future.  There is even a prime time show with a child with Asperger's syndrome.
What is normal anyway?  There is no such thing.  It's what makes us such unique fascinating creatures.  
I love my Jacob and even though he is the toughest part of my life, he's mine, and it's my right to be the only one who gets to give him a hard time (haha). 
He likes the way he is.  Just today he told me that he doesn't care what people think about him.  
Bravo Jacob!


  1. thanks for sharing this. jacob is so lucky to have you as a mom. i'm glad you had the courage to say something to that woman too, because i'm sure she'll think better before speaking next time.

  2. Kudos to you J.
    You are right, there is no normal. Having kids teaches me that!