Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nickelodeon Universe 2010

 Even though we had a rough start to the day with some attitude issues with someone we won't mention, our day at Nickelodeon Universe was just as great as last year.  We got a screaming good deal on tickets, which were covered by my parents for Christmas, even with extra cash leftover for fun.
One of the things I love about this park is that it is small, so I feel okay about my kids going off on their own in groups for a bit (with a cell phone), so we were able to break up several times.  We actually did very few family rides, mostly because Ammon doesn't have as many of choices to ride on.  Our first ride was the Bumper Cars.  It's always great to be able to whiplash your family and laugh about it at the same time.  Good therapy. 
There is a new ride, Brain ?, that I went on with Jacob that had me gut bust laughing; Jacob took it in stride.
Justin HAD to play this shoot 'em up game.  

The kids all got $10 to spend how they wanted.  Isaac and Allison spent $3 each making their own gigantic pixie sticks and were happy about their purchase.
Ammon's favorite ride is probably still Swiper Sweeper.  
Allison loved the Pepsi orange roller coaster.  Ammon screamed and cried the whole time on it.
We got Isaac and Jacob on the Plunge this year and they loved it.
Hopefully we made some lasting family memories.  
Then to end the day, it started just as rocky as the beginning.  Nope worse. 
But I still loved the day.  One of my favorite family days ever.