Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall + Some Owwies

Ammon had quite the face plant with a sidewalk on Friday.  He was running to the bus after school and tripped.  I had to go get him at the school and he was a very sad little boy.  Blood and ice and a nice lump on his forehead.  I tried to wipe off the blood under his nose, only to realize it was a scab.  
I love seeing my kids have fun playing in leaves.  We went to my parents house today for an early Thanksgiving celebration.  There were no sibling squabbles and lots of laughter by all.  My boys were excited to spend a few hours with their cousin, Dax. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

August/September Randomness

8/27  Jacob had all four wisdom teeth removed yesterday.  He came home so happy.  So happy.
Today, not so happy.  He's got the cute chipmunk cheeks.  
Ammon came down with a fever today.
I am so grateful to be home with the kids. I often feel guilty not working when things have been tight this past year, but I KNOW I'm supposed to be home for them.  
 I've been noticing more tender mercies from the Lord.  I love church.  God is Great!
9/3  Justin had his first in person interview since 1999.  Got suited up and everything.
I did a photoshoot for my next door neighbor's little girl, Ollie.  She is just the cutest.
Jacob has developed a huge one inch ball in his cheek after his wisdom teeth removal.
i am isaac and i like to boogie
9/4  Ha!  Isaac wrote that.  He's a funny kid.
Mom, "How do you like wearing socks with holes in them?"
Jacob, "I have holes in my socks?  Oh that one does."
9/11 Trying to get Jacob and Isaac to stay on top of their school work SUCKS.
I love picking tomatoes and zucchini from my garden this year.  Very fulfilling!
9/12 On day three of Justin working for the real estate seminar place.  Thirteen hour days suck.
I held a kitty last night and it made me want one.
Gave all the boys haircuts yesterday.  Makes me feel like a Super Mom.
9/13 Jacob's ball in his cheek is getting bigger.  I took him to the dentist and they did an x-ray, just to make sure it wasn't anything serious.  He thinks there is a piece of food in there that is causing the infection.  He's on antibiotics.  If it doesn't get better in a couple of days, they're going to drain it.  Eww!
I thought someone broke into my house for a minute today.  Heart pounding minutes!
9/21 Woke at 5am for a temple session.  Nice way to start the day.
I didn't even truly fall asleep during the session.
Took the kids to the library and played at the park with our friends, the Kibbies.
Watched the original Pink Panther last night and decided it wasn't very family friendly,
and not very funny.
This past week, I was able to accomplish several items on my "to do" list that I was dreading.
My parents came to visit and brought lots of yummy vegetable and fruits from their garden.
Justin went to Vegas for a the annual bike convention to see about a job.
He commented that he made lots of great contacts, but there are no jobs out there now.
9/23  Justin and I cleaned out our little freezer.  Big job.  It took both of us an hour.
But it looks amazing now!
Started the process of getting Jacob approved (hopefully!) for VocRehab.  It is a wonderful government
program that helps people find and keep jobs and with education.  At least that is what we're hoping they'll help with Jacob.  This would be a huge blessing.
We went for a family drive up American Fork canyon yesterday.  The fall colors are looking great!
How do people afford to get their teenagers licensed and insured for driving?  It's insane.