Monday, November 18, 2013

The Babysitting Grandparents

Justin's brother Alex got married a couple of weeks ago.  My parents were exceedingly kind and came to our house and stayed for six days to watch the kids. 
My dad was successful at watching most of the Harry Potter movies.  Plus accidentally subjecting my kids to all three of the Matrix movies (unedited).  We have the edited version, but he picked the wrong cd's.  Whoopsie Grandpa! 

We missed carving pumpkins and trick or treating with the kids.  Jacob got quite a load this year!
Jacob and Isaac playing games on my computer.
BYU art museum.
 Allison riding a scooter on the swirly twirly sidewalk on the BYU campus.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Spring Break 2013 Part 2

After leaving Vegas, we went to Zion National Park.  We found a lovely free campground and got our new car all kinds of dirty (still is dirty btw).  
My kids are such spazzes.  

Spring Break 2013 Part 1

I had this trip all kinds of journaled during our trip on Justin's laptop.  He emailed it to me, which is now, of course, LOST in cyberspace.  AND Justin no longer has that computer, thank you very much, Raleigh.
 Family ride in St. George.
Family ride in Las Vegas.
 Easter celebrated in the great outdoors.

I loved our campsite.  Quiet.  No people driving by.  Lovell Canyon Road.
The kids built an extensive fairy house using garbage found in the area.
Red Rock Canyon.
 Hike before hitting The Rock that broke the trip. And the car.  And our happy day.
Look out for that rock!  BAM!@#$%#$!!!!  = New Odyssey bought in Las Vegas.  Long painful story. 

A Beautiful Daughter and a Walk

I was really enjoying a couple weeks of warmer than expected temperatures and went on several walks in the woods across the street.
I typically went with Ammon, but happened to go with Allison and my camera at the same time.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall + Some Owwies

Ammon had quite the face plant with a sidewalk on Friday.  He was running to the bus after school and tripped.  I had to go get him at the school and he was a very sad little boy.  Blood and ice and a nice lump on his forehead.  I tried to wipe off the blood under his nose, only to realize it was a scab.  
I love seeing my kids have fun playing in leaves.  We went to my parents house today for an early Thanksgiving celebration.  There were no sibling squabbles and lots of laughter by all.  My boys were excited to spend a few hours with their cousin, Dax. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

August/September Randomness

8/27  Jacob had all four wisdom teeth removed yesterday.  He came home so happy.  So happy.
Today, not so happy.  He's got the cute chipmunk cheeks.  
Ammon came down with a fever today.
I am so grateful to be home with the kids. I often feel guilty not working when things have been tight this past year, but I KNOW I'm supposed to be home for them.  
 I've been noticing more tender mercies from the Lord.  I love church.  God is Great!
9/3  Justin had his first in person interview since 1999.  Got suited up and everything.
I did a photoshoot for my next door neighbor's little girl, Ollie.  She is just the cutest.
Jacob has developed a huge one inch ball in his cheek after his wisdom teeth removal.
i am isaac and i like to boogie
9/4  Ha!  Isaac wrote that.  He's a funny kid.
Mom, "How do you like wearing socks with holes in them?"
Jacob, "I have holes in my socks?  Oh that one does."
9/11 Trying to get Jacob and Isaac to stay on top of their school work SUCKS.
I love picking tomatoes and zucchini from my garden this year.  Very fulfilling!
9/12 On day three of Justin working for the real estate seminar place.  Thirteen hour days suck.
I held a kitty last night and it made me want one.
Gave all the boys haircuts yesterday.  Makes me feel like a Super Mom.
9/13 Jacob's ball in his cheek is getting bigger.  I took him to the dentist and they did an x-ray, just to make sure it wasn't anything serious.  He thinks there is a piece of food in there that is causing the infection.  He's on antibiotics.  If it doesn't get better in a couple of days, they're going to drain it.  Eww!
I thought someone broke into my house for a minute today.  Heart pounding minutes!
9/21 Woke at 5am for a temple session.  Nice way to start the day.
I didn't even truly fall asleep during the session.
Took the kids to the library and played at the park with our friends, the Kibbies.
Watched the original Pink Panther last night and decided it wasn't very family friendly,
and not very funny.
This past week, I was able to accomplish several items on my "to do" list that I was dreading.
My parents came to visit and brought lots of yummy vegetable and fruits from their garden.
Justin went to Vegas for a the annual bike convention to see about a job.
He commented that he made lots of great contacts, but there are no jobs out there now.
9/23  Justin and I cleaned out our little freezer.  Big job.  It took both of us an hour.
But it looks amazing now!
Started the process of getting Jacob approved (hopefully!) for VocRehab.  It is a wonderful government
program that helps people find and keep jobs and with education.  At least that is what we're hoping they'll help with Jacob.  This would be a huge blessing.
We went for a family drive up American Fork canyon yesterday.  The fall colors are looking great!
How do people afford to get their teenagers licensed and insured for driving?  It's insane.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rapids Ahead

You know when you're rafting down a river, and it's calm, and you enjoy the scenery and chat with your family and friends?  But as you come closer to a rapid or waterfall, the water picks up speed.  In the rapids, you feel out of control.  That you can put your paddle in, but the water is in charge.  It can choose whether to let you sail through, or it can twist your raft around, or dump you out.  
This is where Justin and I are now.  In the rapids.  And it's not letting us sail through.
Several months ago, Justin got a new boss.  We thought this was great, because his previous boss was a nightmare.  Boy, were we wrong.  His new boss, Alan, was worse by a long shot.  Picking on Justin for minor, VERY minor mistakes Justin made.  Or calling him out on something he didn't do; making up reasons why he was a bad employee.  
[In July, Justin had requested to take two days off to go to a Scout High Adventure in Jackson Hole with the young men, and Jacob and Isaac.  He sent the required email, and vocally reminded his boss of his upcoming absence twice. The following week, Justin received an email from Alan that was cc'd to Alan's boss and the HR director how incompetent Justin was for missing an important conference call.  Obviously baffling Justin.  But we knew what was up.]
Justin, being the loyal, valiant man he is, tried to bend over backwards for Alan.  Doing everything he requested and much more.  Regardless, Alan laid the groundwork to fire Justin.  
At this point, we are in the river, picking up speed.  We knew something was coming, but had hopes it wasn't really going to.
Justin had the opportunity to go climb the highest point in Wyoming with some of his great friends from Minnesota.  If you know Justin very well, this is a BIG HUGE deal to him.  He stayed home from a Dittmer reunion (I took the kids with Alex) to work, hoping to make his boss see what a hard worker he was, and to only take off Friday to climb Gannett peak, not a full week for a reunion.  Well, on Wednesday, August 7th, he got an email from Alan, telling Justin to meet him at the airport the following Thursday, at the Starbucks by the luggage claim.  We knew what this meant.  Alan had fired two employees out of seven the past month.  Justin was so bereft with foreboding that he didn't go on the hike.
The rapids have started to pick up.
Justin still had hope.  He tried his hardest to make pre-season orders and was way ahead of other territories in sales.  

On Thursday, Alan texts Justin to bring his laptop.  
He meets Justin at the baggage claim, spends a few minutes with him, takes his laptop, and leaves.  
Justin asked why he was getting fired, and was told to ask the HR director.  

After 13 years of LOYAL employment with Raleigh America, he was fired.  
No severance. Insurance cut off the end of the month.  No nothing.  Kicked in the butt.  

Well the next couple of days are a bit of a blur.  I remember Justin sitting dazedly around the house.  Or finding him curled up in the fetal position with a pillow over his head.  It killed me to see him like this.  

I had signed up for Education Week at BYU several months ago, to be staying in the dorm with my dear friend, Erin.  I did not want to go.  As much as I love ed week and Erin, I was dreading it.  Leaving Justin home with all the kids, their first week of school.  It didn't feel right to leave him.  But there wasn't much choice.  
My first day there, I laid in bed long past the time Erin left, and stared at the wall.  I finally got out of bed and went to only two classes and couldn't make myself go to anymore.  I went back to the dorm and stared at the wall some more.  Usually I go to every hour that classes are scheduled.  Erin was sweet and  put up with my melancholy.  Tuesday things were looking up a little.  Being with a friend and going to uplifting classes was helping get my mind off of our troubles.   By Wednesday, I was in much better spirits; not happy or normal, but better.  We saw The Scarlet Pimpernel one night, and hiked to a hot spring another night, swam in a fountain another.  The evenings were fun.  I was able to attend many classes, maybe 5-6 a day was all I could do, but it was enough.  I came away with great insights and a much lighter heart.  
In one class I heard Heavenly Father tell me, "be patient, for I am with thee."  I need to remember these tender mercies, that we're being watched after and are exceedingly blessed with what we do have.
I feel like we have an eternal perspective of the situation.  It began with our fast in December of 2011, which started the ball rolling and ended with us living in Draper.  Well, that ball is still rolling, I guess.  Heavenly Father isn't done with this chapter in our book.  We don't know how it's going to end, but both of us have our sights toward God and are putting as much faith as we can muster in His will.  While trials stink, it does make me pray more fervently and feel closer to Him.
I heard this quote by C.S. Lewis at Ed week, and I feel it summarizes how I feel:

          “Imagine yourself as a living house. God comes in to rebuild that house. At first, perhaps, you can understand what He is doing. He is getting the drains right and stopping the leaks in the roof and so on; you knew that those jobs needed doing and so you are not surprised. But presently He starts knocking the house about in a way that hurts abominably and does not seem to make any sense. What on earth is He up to? The explanation is that He is building quite a different house from the one you thought of - throwing out a new wing here, putting on an extra floor there, running up towers, making courtyards. You thought you were being made into a decent little cottage: but He is building a palace. He intends to come and live in it Himself.”


Justin went to the LDS employment office and did a three day class.  He's sent his resume to several companies and done some networking.  He loved his job.  LOVED it.  Now he's looking at jobs that he doesn't feel qualified for, or over-qualified for, or just not interested in the slightest. 
This week, he's doing a trial run for a company that is owned by friends from our college days.  He hates it.  After 13 hours he came home last night a drained man, in tears.  He doesn't want to sell real estate seminars for a living. It's not a dream come true job.  It's a way to earn money and that's it.  The job is in Utah this week, but will normally be all over the country...having him gone for weeks at a time. No over-exaggeration.  Weeks.  Is it worth it to earn money for the family that you never get to spend time with?  While he is grateful to have this opportunity, it is NOT right for him or our family. It is a stepping stone.   I can't see how Heavenly Father would want this for us.  Not if you could see how Justin is feeling.  I'd rather live in a mobile home or apartment and have him work at a bike shop for $12 an hour and have him happy.  It's not worth it.
[UPDATE:  Justin has now done this seminar job for four days.  He doesn't seem to mind it.  He likes the guys he's working with.  We still are having lots of doubts about the time away from home.
 Time will tell.]
PLUS we just found out we need a $2k fix on one of our cars this month to get new tabs.  We don't have $2k to spend right now.  We had everyone go in for dental check ups before our insurance ran out and got cavities fixed etc.  Jacob needed his wisdom teeth out so that was a whopping $450.  We got a letter yesterday telling us the insurance wouldn't cover a part of it so now we'll have to pay for that part, not sure how much yet.  It never ends.  I feel like we're starting to drown, our raft is filling with water.  I'm trying to bail out water, but it's more than my little bucket can keep up with.

About tender mercies:  I have been watching out for them more since Ed Week.  
We are receiving food from the Bishop's Storehouse every two weeks. 
Justin was able to work for a friend and earned a little bit of money, also working for my parents a couple of days.  These little jobs add up.  
I had signed up for a lottery to win tickets to see James Taylor perform with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Utah Symphony on September 6th or 7th.  Our Bishop had asked me to photograph their son's reception on August 30th but changed the date for the 6th of September.  :(
We got an email telling us we won the lottery but didn't tell us which day.  The tickets came in the mail with the date of September 7th!  We were able to go and it was such an amazing concert.  Truly like none I've ever been to.  It made me cry to be able to live in Utah and attend such wonderful things. I don't want to move.  We just got here!  Anyway, that was a HUGE tender mercy for me.  The concert AND being able to earn a little money.  I'm thankful for our Bishop.  He is a wonderful and caring man.   

Please pray for us, especially Justin.  He's really struggling like I've never seen.  

Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Randomness

7/16 Took a month off, apparently.
Summer has been CRAZY.
Dax stayed with us for a few days.  
The kids loved having him here.
Ammon got baptized and it was perfect.
Had more family time than I've had in years and it's perfect.
Lots more family time scheduled for the summer, which is perfect.
Jacob turned 17.  Ammon turned 8.
There are literally dozens of grubs in my garden which is NOT perfect.
Harvested about a dozen pea pods.
Laid on the trampoline with Justin last night and felt raindrops kiss our skin.  
Kids are in Logan with my parents for the week.  

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Baby Turns Eight!

What a fantastic day!
 It's no secret that Ammon is a special spirit.  We are so thankful to have him in our family.  
He always has a welcoming smile and -lately- some goofy comment.
 Justin baptized and confirmed Ammon.  The only snafu was the font doors were locked.  We were told that has not happened.  Ever.  Someone quickly brought keys.
 Dax and Jude.  The Thomson side.  The Dittmer/Eagle Crest 1st Side.  Kevin.
Bishop Turner.  Justin's drawing from his talk on baptism.  Ammon being silly.  Dyany.

The day was perfect.  We had great family support.  Sandwiches and salads (thanks Mom!).
Played a fun game.  More sandwiches.  And to top it off, Nacho Libre.  
One of my most favorite family days.

Monday, July 1, 2013

June Randomness

6/12  I LOVE LOVE LOVE google.  It just saved me a couple grand and/or hours on the phone.
I thought my aperture dial was broken, but alas, it wasn't.  Yippee!
Got home from Minnesota yesterday afternoon.  Great trip.
Justin, Jacob, Isaac, and Allison are gone Wednesday through Saturday on Trek.
It's just me and Ammon.  He's likes having the computer all to himself.  
He had a tick IN his side this morning and I'm thanking the Heavens above 
that Justin was here to get it out.
I've been freaked out all day.
6/13 Great day with Ammon.  Seven Peaks in the morning (first time for both of us).
Mount Timpanogos Temple grounds and picnic.
Shopping at WalMart for produce, Father's Day BBQ stuff,
and candy bars to make a Father's Day poster.
Watched Mary POPpins, ate POPcorn, and drank POP at our POP party.
Bought two sets of snowshoes WITH poles for $50.  Justin is going to be ecstatic.
6/18 The Endrizzi's came over tonight to take their family pictures.  They turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself.
The wedding I photographed last Saturday was HARD!  So glad my sister in law, Sienna,  was there to help.
Upgraded to lightroom 5 today.
I am so happy with our new grass and backyard.
Made Justin a candy bar poster for Father's Day and had a bbq with brats stuffed with saur kraute, wrapped in bacon.  My parents were able to spend Saturday night and part of Sunday with us.
My lips hurt real bad.  They need to get used to the dry Utah weather after Minnesota.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Randomness

May 1 Snowy and cold on the first day of may, but the rest of the week has great possibilities.
Sold a 30x40 print on Etsy.  This one.  It's going in a doctors office in Florida!  
I saw deer prints in my new grow box/raised bed the day after it was assembled.
My new next door neighbor to the south didn't want his fruit trees.  We took a grafted pear tree and a cherry.  My dad took the other two back to Logan.
The youth are learning square dancing tonight (for Trek).  I loved square dancing when I was a kid.
My kids are rolling their eyes.
May 3  Have I mentioned how much I detest HOA's?  AVOID!!!
Going to Logan with the kiddos this weekend (Justin is in Vegas) to help Grandpa in his yard.
Jacob has yet to get his contacts in by himself.  He has gotten them out twice.
I love LOVE getting packages in the mail.  I always forget what I order, so it's like Christmas!
I need a haircut/trim - desperately, and to repaint my toenails - not as desperately.
Although, I am liking my long hair lots.
Went to a craft show last night with Tina.  We have a business idea we may hatch.
I hate HATE getting bills for things that happened ages ago.  Especially ones that were unexpected.
Ha!  Just got a package!  A new compact flash card.
I need more space for my upcoming sessions: wedding and Ashyln's dance group.
I have a fear of failure with my studio, so I'm dragging my feet getting it finalized.
It's so close!  Just need some gentle shoves.
5/8  Just had a tooth pulled today.  It's that pesky tooth that has been bothering me for about a decade.  I guess there was a large amount of infection that was eating away the tooth tips.
Justin is such an amazing husband and dad.  I called and told him I couldn't take Jacob to his dr checkup and that he needed to come home to take him.  Of course, he did with no complaints.  He's even going to get my antibiotics for me.  Maybe I can talk him in to staying home with me tomorrow to baby me.
Ha!  He just texted to see if we needed anything at Smith's.
5/19 Wowzas.  Spent lots of time (and cash-o-la) on out backyard this weekend.
$170 topsoil.  $260 sprinkler parts.  $300 trampoline.
We sold our last trampoline and promised Ammon we would get him one when we moved.  It took us awhile, but we got one!  The kids used to never go outside to play.  Now they've been out several times already.  Of course, we've had several hurt kids and even one bloody nose.
5/20 Booked my car rental and set up my standby airline tickets last night for my Minnesota trip.
Getting lined up my sessions and where I'm going to stay.
5/29 Tomorrow is the day!  The day Allison and I fly to Minnesota.
Allison is a recent addition to the trip.  She is going to be staying mainly with her bff, Grace.
Grace is furious with me because she thinks I won't let Allison come, but we're trying to surprise her.
Poor girl.  I hope she's not mad at me for long.
Went to field day and saw Ammon and Allison.  Chilly!
I took Isaac with me and made an outing of it.  We walked around Smith's for awhile and ate lunch at Burger King.  He was excited to get an Icee. That kid loves special drinks.
Our sod is supposed to arrive this afternoon.   It rained about 5 feet yesterday so it's muddy.
Justin might be on his own with the boys for help.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Field Day!

School is almost out!  Only one more day, and that's only about 1.5 hours long.  
It was interesting to me to see the difference on field days, from MN to UT.  
Our school district must have a lot more money or something.  HUGE bounce houses?  
They rented three types.  Okie dokie then.
Ammon asks for a bounce house for every birthday and Christmas, so I always go out of my way to get him to one.  I can only imagine his face when he saw it.  Actually, the picture on the bottom right with the freeze pop might have been what it looked like.  His teacher was Miss Natalie Bristow.  
 I love that 6th grade is in elementary school here.  It lets kids be kids longer.  Allison finished up the year with straight A's (one A-).  What a fantastic kid and student.  If only she could keep her room clean.
Her teacher was Miss Jessica Rose.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Logan Weekend

Justin had to work in Las Vegas from Wednesday through Saturday night, so I decided I'd drive the kiddos to Logan and spend the weekend helping Grandpa in the yard.
We left at a new record time of 3:30, which I KNOW was because Justin wasn't with us, and made it to North Logan by 5:15.  
As usual, the kids made a bee line to the basement, moments later I heard squeals of joy.  Corinne and Tyler left their Foosball table, and Isaac LOVES Foosball.
Since we made it to Logan early, the kids spent a couple of hours outside.  Reunited with a trampoline and excitement over rhubarb, made for some happy kids.
 The next day consisted of picking up prunings in the apple orchard, raking pine cones, starting bonfires, and roasting hot dogs over the bonfire.  The kids didn't last as long working as I would have liked, but  I'm glad they are learning how to do some hard labor.  
(Jacob checking out the root cellar *shivvvvvers*)
Dad and I (mostly Dad) worked on cleaning out his fish pond, which has had a bad leak the past couple of years.  He shoveled out the muck in the bottom *stinky!*  and then with the help on Ammon, Jacob  and Grandma we got the liner put in as best as we could.  We should have taken a picture of how the flagstones were laid out - oops!  Dad still has lots of work, but it's coming along.
The last job for the day was planting corn.  
Autumn used to be my favorite season, until I had a few winters in Minnesota.  Now it's hands down Spring.  I get such a rush out of new blossoms and tiny leaves poking their way out of the dirt.  I love the fragrance of tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths.  
I sat in my favorite swing for a few moments before I was called away on Saturday.  It is under the gigantic spruce tree in the backyard.  When I was a little kid, I used to sit and swing under that tree for hours.  I remember singing out loud to myself.  As I sat on this swing and looked up in to the large boughs, I took a deep breath and smiled, thinking what a balm it is for my soul.  
On Sunday, I looked outside and saw Ammon on that same swing.
I wonder if he was singing to himself.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Randomness

4/8  Snow.  A big snow storm.  A big windy snow storm.  A big crappy windy snow storm.
I made several phone calls and received several phone calls today.  
I clean when I'm on the phone, then I can never find where I put stuff.
Allison has been working hard on Medieval projects for class.
I love having my face washed and clean, I just hate doing it.
4/14 Made a yummy dinner.  Teryaki chicken, chicken rice pilaf, and broccoli.
Allison is suddenly obsessed with maxi skirts.
And wanting to shop in a mall.
I told her she needs to get a job so she can buy her own expensive clothes.  She took it in stride.
Jacob scored a 29 on his ACT.
Tucked in sheets = tent made with feet.
4/15  Allison got her wish with a maxi skirt.  She bought one at The Gap today.
She put it on as soon as she got home and wore it the rest of the day, proclaiming she was going to wear it tomorrow to school.
I am having a large case of U-suck-itis.
Going to watch the news tonight.  No, this doesn't happen often.
4/22 Justin and Jacob (probably) have strep throat.
They're taking z-packs from Mexico.
I finished sewing two aprons, made a skirt and pantaloons, and three haversack bags for Trek today.
I'm on fire!
We had a family home evening lesson tonight visually showing the kids how much money we earn in a month, and taking out expenses.  Always a rude awakening, but especially so this time.
It would be great if Jacob got a job.
4/24  Sewed a cute little pin cushion for my sewing machine.
Finally had bananas last long enough around here to make banana bread.
Ammon is going to be so happy.
I'm getting a sore throat.
Ammon won their soccer game last night.  2/3 games.
4/29 Registered Isaac for 10th grade classes today.  He didn't get any of the fun electives he wanted, BUT did get in floral design.  Ha!
Had a super great weekend with family.  My parents drove down three trees for me.
Went to Roman's one year birthday celebration.
My sister (and her family) came to visit me!  This was a huge highlight for me.
My sister is so beautiful.  People always tell me we look alike, which makes me feel great, but she is way prettier than me.  I miss spending time with her.  She's amazing and can always make me laugh.
Went to fantastic garage sales with my mom and Allison on Saturday.

Monday, April 8, 2013

March Randomness

3/3  We bought two "love sack" bean bags from some neighbors up here for a whopping $60, which is a fantastic price.  The kids are in love with them.  
Well Justin and I decided we'd put one in our room to watch movies on our computer monitor.
We were taking it up to our room and he stopped at the landing.  "Ammon, jump from the top of the stairs on to the bean bag!" egged Justin.  
So yes, Ammon jumped, missed by about 6 inches on one foot and really hurt his heal.  
It was so horrifying to see his little face.  I could read what was going through his mind by his expressions.  It went from shock, to "oh it hurts," to "I don't want to cry," to crying his little heart out.
Long story, but a good ending.  He's walking around fine today.
Jacob on the other hand is having a major depressive episode.  This is totally uncharacteristic of him and I hope we can get him the help he needs.  Prayers are always appreciated.
3/12  Fun family filled weekend.
Corinne got married to Tyler Bradshaw.
One thing that I missed until my heart would squeeze was spending time with family.
I craved sitting around chatting about everything and nothing, reminiscing about past trips and trips down memory lane.  This weekend was no exception to what I've been missing.  It was great!
I guess an exception could be that Ammon was sick with a fever and a sore throat which he shared with me.  I'm still sick.  He's still sick.  Justin is getting sick.  Poop.
He did a spur of the moment family night out to Trafalga square to use our passes.
Two rounds of laser tag.
I made Ammon ride the hopper, which he hated and grimaced in pain the entire time.
It was a test to see if he might be able to cope with Disneyland.  He didn't pass.
I've been finding some fabulous props at thrift stores and at my mom's house.
It's moving along    s   l    o      w       l           y    but surly.
3/14  Allison woke up with a 100 degree fever and a VERY sore throat.  Fingers crossed it isn't strep.
I'm starting to feel cruddy again.  Thought I was on the mend yesterday, but feel slow again today.
Justin is in Vegas through Saturday night for work and a bike race.
I have a sty in my eye.  Again.  Haven't had one in months.  Wish they'd go away forever.
Jacob has been working on getting in all of his late and missing assignments.  There are many.
Isaac is having this problem as well, but not  as momentous as Jacob.
Ammon is still sick.  Runny nose.  Cough.  No energy.  It's been 8 days for him.
Do you ever feel like there was supposed to be something going on, but your calendar day is empty?
Talked with some great friends yesterday and it's making me feel lonely and homesick.
I'm so glad that I made friends that understand me and my quirkinesses; and even like some of them.
I had two neighbors ask why I was shoveling [some] snow back on to our driveway.
I thought it was obvious.  But for those who are wondering, it was to melt the snow faster on our lawn.
It was over two feet tall, but not anymore!
3/15  Allison woke up at 5am with a 102.7 fever and a very sore throat.  Uh-O.
3/20  One of my besties from MN has been in town (Lyea) and I've been able to spend LOADS of time with her.
Salve for the Soul.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Love Is In the Air

Corinne and Tyler Bradshaw tied the knot on March 8th 2013 at the temple in Logan, Utah.
I took a bagillion pictures.  Seriously.  Bagillion.
Roman, Grandpa, Nate
Me eating Reases Pieces, Jacob, Grandma
Justin and Nate drawing faces, Erin and Kevin
Roman and Chelsea

Grandpa checking out the Logan Temple rocks, Nate and Jude, Tylers jacket
Corinne, Tyler and Corinne, Nate and Jude
Shawn Thomson siblings, Corinne, Tyler Grandpa and Grandma, Jude contemplating the tree

Corinne and Erin goofing off, Aunt Marilyn and Grandma, Corinne and Tyler
Corinne and Stefanie, Uncle Andy, Isaac and his cousin Dax
Grandpa, Justin and me, Nate (huh?)

Allison and me, Tyler and Corinne dancing, Isaac with Dax
Grandpa with Roman, Me and Allison, Allison and Dad
Dance with Dad, Jude, Me and Allison goofing off

Fun weekend.  Ammon was sick.  Then I got sick.  Then who other people got random sicknesses.  Blerg.
I love my family.

Pre-Easter Egg Hunt

Suncrest HOA puts on an annual egg hunt.  They tried to have one outdoors this year, but alas we got 8" of snow overnight so it was indoors.  And it was squishy!  
Allison and Ammon were the only Dittmer participants and they were rewarded with large amounts of eggs.  Although quantity wasn't an issue:  the prizes and candy were about the lamest I've ever seen.  I guess I expected more from the HOA.  The kids were happy regardless.
How do you like Allison's basket?  At least they didn't fall out.  Ammon was in the far corner (top left picture, next to a girl in a purple coat).  He found a spot with about one hundred eggs and started loading his basket until it wouldn't hold any more. 
Both kids were kind to share their eggs with some latecomers.  
*TIP*  Don't be late to an egg hunt...EVER.  
They are over in about 60 seconds and usually start on the dot.  I saw several forlorn little faces. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sledding Hike

Justin wanted to go for a family hike Saturday evening.  He had the kids sled down our hill and I picked them up in the car, then drove by the Draper temple to hike around.  Isaac, Allison, and Ammon had a fabulous idea to bring their sleds along.  I thought I would hear whining the whole time, but it turned out be something that might become a new Dittmer tradition.

She's 12!

I can't believe my little girl is now a beehive!
She has taken to her new class at church with ease.  The girls and leaders have really welcomed her.
For her birthday, she requested strawberry crepes for dinner and strawberry cheesecake for her cake.
 This girl is rotten, spoiled rotten (just like her mommy).  And the boys all know it.
She skyped her bff Grace (lower right pic, look at the computer screen) during the opening of presents.  She was rained upon this year, due to over buying at Christmas (saved some for her birthday) and getting random normal purchases (clothes and a new school bag).  She was lucky enough to get a beautiful birth stone my mom faceted for her (amethyst).
She also got a Samsung mp3 player (we made her pay for a portion, which Jacob thought was hilarious).  This girl took to texting like a fish in water.  
We love you Allison and are so happy you are in our family.  I love your constant enthusiasm for life and smiling face.  You bring a special spark into our home.  
And thanks for always being on top of your homework!