Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Random Thoughts August/September 2015

August 28
Jacob got his license a couple of weeks ago and it is changing life as we know it.  
He now drives himself to work and even went to Smith's for milk on the way home.
School started last Wednesday.  Here's to a more quiet home during the day - cheers!  Except Jacob is home during the days, but he doesn't usually wake up until around noon.
I went to Ed Week again this year, rooming with Erin Gray.  Our fourth year rooming together, and my fifth time attending.  It's always a great spiritual uplift.
Allison had her hair done in the ombre style.  I'm not in love with the color (reddish and lighter than I thought it would be) but she's excited about it.
September 22
Jacob had a brain scan (neurofeedback therapy) and found that he has brain trauma from his bike accident last year.  He also shows that his brain never really goes into REM sleep so that's why he's always tired.  Also his brain never shuts down; he can't self sooth.  He is on a long track of therapy which we hope (and pray!) that this will help him.
He is also going to start working at the DI (LDS thrift store).  He's excited about this.
Ammon worked hard on his latest book report.  I love watching his little face concentrate.
Allison has been helping with cooking more; possibly due to watching a lot of Cupcake Wars on Netflix.
Isaac is deep into the mountain bike team.  He doesn't really like it, but goes.  He usually finishes around 75% of the group.  He's not much of a competitive soul.
I'm on the up and up, most of the time.
Justin is busting his bunsies trying to get his business off the ground.
I discovered that Jason Mraz has an album out LAST YEAR that I didn't know about.  !!!!
Jacob and I ate at In N Out today.  Even though we are deep in the poorness of life.  It was amazing and made my tummy feel loved.
Myri brought us her first mouse/vole last week.  :)

Zucchini Boats

One of my favorite things from my childhood was building zucchini boats.  
Central Park/Merlin Olsen Park, Logan.
Jacob stayed home (4 days) by himself and Myri.

Ammon found an apple floating in the water and carved it to race.

It was cold but Justin manned it out in the water.