Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Randomness

May 1 Snowy and cold on the first day of may, but the rest of the week has great possibilities.
Sold a 30x40 print on Etsy.  This one.  It's going in a doctors office in Florida!  
I saw deer prints in my new grow box/raised bed the day after it was assembled.
My new next door neighbor to the south didn't want his fruit trees.  We took a grafted pear tree and a cherry.  My dad took the other two back to Logan.
The youth are learning square dancing tonight (for Trek).  I loved square dancing when I was a kid.
My kids are rolling their eyes.
May 3  Have I mentioned how much I detest HOA's?  AVOID!!!
Going to Logan with the kiddos this weekend (Justin is in Vegas) to help Grandpa in his yard.
Jacob has yet to get his contacts in by himself.  He has gotten them out twice.
I love LOVE getting packages in the mail.  I always forget what I order, so it's like Christmas!
I need a haircut/trim - desperately, and to repaint my toenails - not as desperately.
Although, I am liking my long hair lots.
Went to a craft show last night with Tina.  We have a business idea we may hatch.
I hate HATE getting bills for things that happened ages ago.  Especially ones that were unexpected.
Ha!  Just got a package!  A new compact flash card.
I need more space for my upcoming sessions: wedding and Ashyln's dance group.
I have a fear of failure with my studio, so I'm dragging my feet getting it finalized.
It's so close!  Just need some gentle shoves.
5/8  Just had a tooth pulled today.  It's that pesky tooth that has been bothering me for about a decade.  I guess there was a large amount of infection that was eating away the tooth tips.
Justin is such an amazing husband and dad.  I called and told him I couldn't take Jacob to his dr checkup and that he needed to come home to take him.  Of course, he did with no complaints.  He's even going to get my antibiotics for me.  Maybe I can talk him in to staying home with me tomorrow to baby me.
Ha!  He just texted to see if we needed anything at Smith's.
5/19 Wowzas.  Spent lots of time (and cash-o-la) on out backyard this weekend.
$170 topsoil.  $260 sprinkler parts.  $300 trampoline.
We sold our last trampoline and promised Ammon we would get him one when we moved.  It took us awhile, but we got one!  The kids used to never go outside to play.  Now they've been out several times already.  Of course, we've had several hurt kids and even one bloody nose.
5/20 Booked my car rental and set up my standby airline tickets last night for my Minnesota trip.
Getting lined up my sessions and where I'm going to stay.
5/29 Tomorrow is the day!  The day Allison and I fly to Minnesota.
Allison is a recent addition to the trip.  She is going to be staying mainly with her bff, Grace.
Grace is furious with me because she thinks I won't let Allison come, but we're trying to surprise her.
Poor girl.  I hope she's not mad at me for long.
Went to field day and saw Ammon and Allison.  Chilly!
I took Isaac with me and made an outing of it.  We walked around Smith's for awhile and ate lunch at Burger King.  He was excited to get an Icee. That kid loves special drinks.
Our sod is supposed to arrive this afternoon.   It rained about 5 feet yesterday so it's muddy.
Justin might be on his own with the boys for help.