Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Field Day!

School is almost out!  Only one more day, and that's only about 1.5 hours long.  
It was interesting to me to see the difference on field days, from MN to UT.  
Our school district must have a lot more money or something.  HUGE bounce houses?  
They rented three types.  Okie dokie then.
Ammon asks for a bounce house for every birthday and Christmas, so I always go out of my way to get him to one.  I can only imagine his face when he saw it.  Actually, the picture on the bottom right with the freeze pop might have been what it looked like.  His teacher was Miss Natalie Bristow.  
 I love that 6th grade is in elementary school here.  It lets kids be kids longer.  Allison finished up the year with straight A's (one A-).  What a fantastic kid and student.  If only she could keep her room clean.
Her teacher was Miss Jessica Rose.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Logan Weekend

Justin had to work in Las Vegas from Wednesday through Saturday night, so I decided I'd drive the kiddos to Logan and spend the weekend helping Grandpa in the yard.
We left at a new record time of 3:30, which I KNOW was because Justin wasn't with us, and made it to North Logan by 5:15.  
As usual, the kids made a bee line to the basement, moments later I heard squeals of joy.  Corinne and Tyler left their Foosball table, and Isaac LOVES Foosball.
Since we made it to Logan early, the kids spent a couple of hours outside.  Reunited with a trampoline and excitement over rhubarb, made for some happy kids.
 The next day consisted of picking up prunings in the apple orchard, raking pine cones, starting bonfires, and roasting hot dogs over the bonfire.  The kids didn't last as long working as I would have liked, but  I'm glad they are learning how to do some hard labor.  
(Jacob checking out the root cellar *shivvvvvers*)
Dad and I (mostly Dad) worked on cleaning out his fish pond, which has had a bad leak the past couple of years.  He shoveled out the muck in the bottom *stinky!*  and then with the help on Ammon, Jacob  and Grandma we got the liner put in as best as we could.  We should have taken a picture of how the flagstones were laid out - oops!  Dad still has lots of work, but it's coming along.
The last job for the day was planting corn.  
Autumn used to be my favorite season, until I had a few winters in Minnesota.  Now it's hands down Spring.  I get such a rush out of new blossoms and tiny leaves poking their way out of the dirt.  I love the fragrance of tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths.  
I sat in my favorite swing for a few moments before I was called away on Saturday.  It is under the gigantic spruce tree in the backyard.  When I was a little kid, I used to sit and swing under that tree for hours.  I remember singing out loud to myself.  As I sat on this swing and looked up in to the large boughs, I took a deep breath and smiled, thinking what a balm it is for my soul.  
On Sunday, I looked outside and saw Ammon on that same swing.
I wonder if he was singing to himself.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Randomness

4/8  Snow.  A big snow storm.  A big windy snow storm.  A big crappy windy snow storm.
I made several phone calls and received several phone calls today.  
I clean when I'm on the phone, then I can never find where I put stuff.
Allison has been working hard on Medieval projects for class.
I love having my face washed and clean, I just hate doing it.
4/14 Made a yummy dinner.  Teryaki chicken, chicken rice pilaf, and broccoli.
Allison is suddenly obsessed with maxi skirts.
And wanting to shop in a mall.
I told her she needs to get a job so she can buy her own expensive clothes.  She took it in stride.
Jacob scored a 29 on his ACT.
Tucked in sheets = tent made with feet.
4/15  Allison got her wish with a maxi skirt.  She bought one at The Gap today.
She put it on as soon as she got home and wore it the rest of the day, proclaiming she was going to wear it tomorrow to school.
I am having a large case of U-suck-itis.
Going to watch the news tonight.  No, this doesn't happen often.
4/22 Justin and Jacob (probably) have strep throat.
They're taking z-packs from Mexico.
I finished sewing two aprons, made a skirt and pantaloons, and three haversack bags for Trek today.
I'm on fire!
We had a family home evening lesson tonight visually showing the kids how much money we earn in a month, and taking out expenses.  Always a rude awakening, but especially so this time.
It would be great if Jacob got a job.
4/24  Sewed a cute little pin cushion for my sewing machine.
Finally had bananas last long enough around here to make banana bread.
Ammon is going to be so happy.
I'm getting a sore throat.
Ammon won their soccer game last night.  2/3 games.
4/29 Registered Isaac for 10th grade classes today.  He didn't get any of the fun electives he wanted, BUT did get in floral design.  Ha!
Had a super great weekend with family.  My parents drove down three trees for me.
Went to Roman's one year birthday celebration.
My sister (and her family) came to visit me!  This was a huge highlight for me.
My sister is so beautiful.  People always tell me we look alike, which makes me feel great, but she is way prettier than me.  I miss spending time with her.  She's amazing and can always make me laugh.
Went to fantastic garage sales with my mom and Allison on Saturday.