Monday, April 8, 2013

March Randomness

3/3  We bought two "love sack" bean bags from some neighbors up here for a whopping $60, which is a fantastic price.  The kids are in love with them.  
Well Justin and I decided we'd put one in our room to watch movies on our computer monitor.
We were taking it up to our room and he stopped at the landing.  "Ammon, jump from the top of the stairs on to the bean bag!" egged Justin.  
So yes, Ammon jumped, missed by about 6 inches on one foot and really hurt his heal.  
It was so horrifying to see his little face.  I could read what was going through his mind by his expressions.  It went from shock, to "oh it hurts," to "I don't want to cry," to crying his little heart out.
Long story, but a good ending.  He's walking around fine today.
Jacob on the other hand is having a major depressive episode.  This is totally uncharacteristic of him and I hope we can get him the help he needs.  Prayers are always appreciated.
3/12  Fun family filled weekend.
Corinne got married to Tyler Bradshaw.
One thing that I missed until my heart would squeeze was spending time with family.
I craved sitting around chatting about everything and nothing, reminiscing about past trips and trips down memory lane.  This weekend was no exception to what I've been missing.  It was great!
I guess an exception could be that Ammon was sick with a fever and a sore throat which he shared with me.  I'm still sick.  He's still sick.  Justin is getting sick.  Poop.
He did a spur of the moment family night out to Trafalga square to use our passes.
Two rounds of laser tag.
I made Ammon ride the hopper, which he hated and grimaced in pain the entire time.
It was a test to see if he might be able to cope with Disneyland.  He didn't pass.
I've been finding some fabulous props at thrift stores and at my mom's house.
It's moving along    s   l    o      w       l           y    but surly.
3/14  Allison woke up with a 100 degree fever and a VERY sore throat.  Fingers crossed it isn't strep.
I'm starting to feel cruddy again.  Thought I was on the mend yesterday, but feel slow again today.
Justin is in Vegas through Saturday night for work and a bike race.
I have a sty in my eye.  Again.  Haven't had one in months.  Wish they'd go away forever.
Jacob has been working on getting in all of his late and missing assignments.  There are many.
Isaac is having this problem as well, but not  as momentous as Jacob.
Ammon is still sick.  Runny nose.  Cough.  No energy.  It's been 8 days for him.
Do you ever feel like there was supposed to be something going on, but your calendar day is empty?
Talked with some great friends yesterday and it's making me feel lonely and homesick.
I'm so glad that I made friends that understand me and my quirkinesses; and even like some of them.
I had two neighbors ask why I was shoveling [some] snow back on to our driveway.
I thought it was obvious.  But for those who are wondering, it was to melt the snow faster on our lawn.
It was over two feet tall, but not anymore!
3/15  Allison woke up at 5am with a 102.7 fever and a very sore throat.  Uh-O.
3/20  One of my besties from MN has been in town (Lyea) and I've been able to spend LOADS of time with her.
Salve for the Soul.