Wednesday, November 30, 2011


While I had my white paper set up for another shoot, I took a few random shots of Ammon and Isaac...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Allison had "crazy hair day" at school.  We tried the koolaid method but were unsuccessful.  I'm kinda glad it didn't work.  She didn't seem too disappointed and found another silly way to fix it this morning.


Rob Owens Lads.
That's the name of the soccer team is on this year.  It's in commemoration of our old Bishop (who isn't old at all, just not our Bishop anymore, and he moved to Idaho - traitor).
So far they 2/2.  They're doing very well for "older" guys.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

Pretty much a boring Halloween.  About an hour before departure, the kids dug around through the two costume bins to try to come up with something new.  Isaac eventually gave up and borrowed one from a his friend, Cameron (who he went trick-or-treating with).
 Allison was a pirate for a friends party.
 Ammon bought this skeleton hand at a book fair at school.  He loves all things scary.
 We were able to walk through a haunted maze during the day before it opened.  This turned out to be perfect for our younger two kids (and me!). Justin, Jacob, and Dakota later went through it when it was dark, spooky, and with chainsaws.
 Dakota (Jacob's friend - Captain America), Jacob (pirate), Allison (vampire) and Ammon (yet again a firefighter).
The kids loaded up on candy.  Whoa.  This was a Hollywood perfect neighborhood with hundreds of kids and parents with flashlights crossing streets.  
Four separate piles ready for trades.
Justin and I were invited to an adult Halloween party the previous week.  So much lauging!  
Justin and I were Joseph and Emma.  Kristy did my hair.  Is there anything she can't conquer?  Doubtful.  And thanks to Erin for the dress.
 Love it!
My favorite of the night:  earthworm.

Minnehaha Falls

Jacob, my dad, and I went to Minnehaha park on their last full day here.  

 We first stopped at Lock #1 on the Mississippi river.  And yes, Dad you have been there before.
Then we drove over to explore around the Falls.
And finally a treat after.
A nice day out.  

Mom and Dad

My parents haven't visited my house in two years, exactly two years.  It was a treat to have them for a week.  My mom is great to help with mundane household tasks and I gave my dad a honey-do list which kept him beyond busy the entire week.
I don't tell them often but I love them so so so much.  Apron strings?  Yep very attached.

My birthday

Alrighty peeps.  I'm officially out of my early thirties and now into my late thirties.  
36.  I am 36.  
I did have a nice, make that pretty darn good birthday though, considering the girth of numbers I am now.  
I went with my Mom and Dad to Gerten's and bought three fruit trees (Honeycrisp, Sweet 16, and a plum).  My mom has been having chronic coughing for months and months and had a fun little puke episode so we all got so smell vomit on the drive home.  Poor mommy.  
 I am so beyond excited to have my own little orchard now in my back yard.  I've put it off because it's so final.  Buying a house wasn't final, but the trees have been.  Am I really going to live the rest of my life in....Minnesota?  
The kids plus grandpa and I went on a walk on this gorgeous fall day in the field by my house.  
What wasn't gorgeous were the gnats.  

I was spoiled by my great friends and family this year.  
Love you guys!
 My mom made chocolate cake.  I didn't have to make my own this year...a rare treat.
Allison and Isaac bought me Skittles which I love.  And I mean love.
I was even doorbell ditched!!!
This is going to be a great year.  I can feel it!