Monday, April 4, 2011

Honest Abe

He couldn't tell one little tiny white lie.
And it ruined a fun surprise...
I decided a few weeks ago to drive to Oklahoma for spring break with the kids.  We hadn't been there in a year and a half so we were overdue.  A couple days before lift off, I was falling asleep in bed and had an epiphany - Justin should come with us and surprise his family!  So we talked about it, a lot, and after he got affirmative confirmation from his boss, we decided to make it a go.
So the night before we were to leave, he called his dad to see if they still would like the speakers we wanted to get rid of and his dad asked Jusitn, "are you bringing your bike down" not ever guessing Justin wasn't coming in the first place. 
Well, goody-two-shoes couldn't lie, so everyone found out our fun surprise.  Ah well.  
 Jacob and Legos.  Like a bee to pollen.
 Ammon loved the cats there.  He would seek one out and walk around with it.  I love his hands in his pocket too.  What a little man.
Justin did indeed bring his bike with us.  Who can't love a guy in spandex?
 Who can say 'no' to those eyes???
 We went to an art museum in Tulsa with Joey, and also met up with Alex there.  They had a great children's program, one of which was making cars out of clay.  They also all got art boxes with a sketch pad, pencil, and eraser.

 Big comb?
 Joey.  Need I say more?

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