Sunday, April 29, 2012


Almost every year we have met LaMon and Barbara at Mary Eloise Butler Garden in Theodore Worth Park, Minneapolis.  One year there was even some tornadic weather conditions!  We usually go on Mother's Day but Justin is in town and the spring season is early, so we went today.  It was fun to take my new lens and have some quality time with it.  We need to become better acquainted.
Barbara is always one up for a good time.
Blue bells.
A cardinal in flight.
 Family hiking around the top.
 Fiddle head fern.
Justin trying to get Jacob away from the siblings.
Rocking a new facial get up.  He's wearing my glasses (which I don't like btw).
Marsh marigolds and snake grass.
This turkey was very vocal and even plumed his feather a few times.

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  1. so fun to have your family all together. your new lens is amazing!