Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 10 - Friday

 Its looking to be quite the chore to pay this parking ticket.  Justin went to a bank to try and do a money transfer.  I went to a bakery and bought justin a $4.50 "doughnut."  I moved the RV across the street so we wouldn't get another ticket.  Crazy stuff going in reverse.  
Off we go to Milford! Sleepiness hit fast.  I do the Head Bob until Justin stops at a scenic over look.  Then walked to the mirror lakes, 5 minutes.
  Now Justin is hiking/running The Key.  I'm saving my energy for the smaller hikes.  I'm more excited about.  I'm eating chicken flavored chips and drinking raspberry flavored Schweppes.  Life is good.  It's overcast, but no rain, which is crazy.
 Justin made a Dorito and Jam sandwich.
Random thoughts:
There is a street in Te Anu called Wong Way. 
 Saw a guy on a motorized scooter sitting on a cooler.  
Honesty shop for manure in bags.  Sign said "horse poo 4 sale"

Milford sound.

  Hmmmm.  I guess when you've seen it before, by the third time it's not as exciting.  Plus it wasn't raining, which you would think was a bonus, made for hardly any waterfalls.  Still awe-inspiring for sure.  Justin loved it.  
We walked on the wheelchair access trail to see The Chasm.  So awesome.  I don't remember ever seeing this before!
  A tip in one our guidebooks told us where to hike down to get another view.  It was way awesome too!  Plus there was a gorgeous crystal clear turquoise pool at the bottom. Of the falls.  It looked about 15-20 feet deep.  Justin thought it looked like a fun place to cliff jump. 
 I told him to go for it.  I didn't think he'd take me seriously, but he hikes down to the water to feel how cold it was.  Dilly dally.  I told him he could jump from a lower point but get on with it.  He started to strip, taking his time.  Surveying his surroundings.  After about ten minutes of dawdling, he dipped in to see how cold it was.
Not too bad enough for one jump from about ten feet high.  Skinny dipping!  There was a rope to climb out and he dressed pretty fast.  We both had lots of concerns but he went ahead with it, with a smile, my crazy husband.  
Next up, even though it was close to dusk, we decided to hike one more trail, taking flash lights, Gertrude.  It was a great hike!  No people.  Nice drizzly rain (we wore our rain gear). Gorgeous scenery.  Waterfalls.  Unique plants.  Mysterious forest.  Single track (no gravel). I loved it!  It was almost dark by he time we got back to the camper, stumbling over rocks.  My shoes are no where near water proof and made squishy sounds with every step.  I was able to wring quite a bit of water out of my socks.  
We drove a short distance and camped at Cascade campground, blasted our heater to warm up and dry our wet stuff.  Dinner was spaghetti, fried bread (no garlic salt), and another round of our mixed veges. 

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