Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 7 Sunday 26th

The cows made me laugh in the morning when we were leaving.  Three of them were staring us down.  
We stopped in Greymouth to look in a jade shop and bought a necklace for Justin.  I like that the owner finds the jade and carves it himself;
We souvenir shopped at a store kindof like a walmart and had fun looking for gifts.  
On our way out of town we bought our first fish n chips in New Zealand.  Not great chips but fun to have it packaged on newspaper.  Cheap too.  Only $7.  

Pancake rocks up next.  The coast was phenomenally beautiful. 
 We did the 20 minute loop with no blow hole sightings.  High tide was in an hour so we went back to our camper to nap.  Did the loop again and NO blow holes at all.  Lame.  I was disappointed.  We drove an hour out of our way and nothing.

A weka.  Don't you love the seagulls chatting in the back ground?  What do you think they're talking about?
A random bathroom.  This one for some reason didn't have a seat.
 We stopped in Hokitika to see the glow worm grotto but were there in the wrong time of day. :(
Looking over the map I started feeling frustration at not being able to do hardly anything.  We either miss something due to closing times or timing.  Driving driving driving.  I know.  I'm in New Zealand and should be happy.  This was my last time to come and its not good enough.  
A random driveway with loads of bathtubs as planters.
 Now we're parked in a parking lot designated for "camping" with several other rv's right next to us.  The lake is pretty.  Lake Ianthe.  There was a double rainbow!  More like a quintet rainbow.  We've had our first taste of sand flies.  

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