Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 11 - Monday *** The End.

March 5 
Woke up and got our bags packed.  Surprisingly, we were able to make everything fit without using the ruffle bag.  I have a LOT of candy I'm bribing home, including five bags of pineapple lumps.  I think there will have to be some shifting to get my bags let on as carryons.  One last dump of the gray water and toilet.   Ewwwwww.  Gaross.   When we got to Christchurch, I wanted to eat lunch on the Hagley botanical garden, bit it was very busy for an upcoming garden show, and time was getting late. 
These are the uniforms they wear at this private school in Christchurch.  I looooooove them.
 Notice all the American-ized fast food restaurants.  We never ate at one, although Justin wanted to try some different burger they had at McDonald's.
 Judder bars = speed bumps
 We ate at an Egyptian take-a-way place.  Justin got another kebab. But it wasn't as good as the Turkish one.  And my fries had about triple the needed amount of salt. We drank blood orange soda.  Got the camper dropped off successfully after inspection.
Have an awesome video to share, once I get it posted.
First plane ride to Auckland was uneventful, and am now on the plane to LAX, Los Angeles.  My TV has good shows, but I cant hear through he headphones so gave up.  I don't want to go deaf.  Our plane, still Air New Zealand, is an All Black plane.  Not sure if it is different on the inside, besides having black decor, but the outside is all black with a fern.  *Found out after visiting the bathrooms, they have awesome decorating in there.  
I'm feeling slighlty peekish and hope I don't vomit.  I've had a headache all day stemming from our pillows, so took a fair amount of medicine before it could kick into a migraine.  That often makes my tummy act up, also quite a lot of turbulence.   We're on the second to last row.  
Weird to be going home to so much change.  
Our house is sold (unless they back out) so lots of transition is in the air.
Monday again, but next day.
Wahoo!  I didn't puke.  And I might have slept snatches here and there.  I brought my airplane paraphanelia: slippers, earplugs, neck pillow, and eye cover.  For breakfast, I had scrambeled eggs and baked beans.  Beans for breakfast?   Kiwi's.  But there was fresh pineapple.  Time to get ready to land!  
Oh man.  
We were at LAX going through security and my carrying went through the x-ray machine.  The security guy stopped at my bag and said "Lawwd, have. Mercy."  
We ate good old American Mcdonald's for lunch.  We were both flying on Delta so we got to eat and hang out until our flights.  Sad smoochies goodbye.  I've failed to mention that Justin's shoulder that he popped out of socket. 20 years ago is really bugging him.  so much that he can't eat normally, or put on his back pack.  
Update on Justin:  he was in so much pain the following days, that we asked me to get a doctors name in Utah for him.  He couldn't sleep at night.  They did an ultra sound and some other stuff.  He doesn't need surgery yet.  They gave him a cortesone shot which took about two weeks to work.  He's okay for now.

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