Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Girls Goodbye Gone Gallactic

or other wise known as GGGGG. 
I had the best girls night party last weekend.  Me and four other great friends got together and partied it up Saturday until Sunday.  It was so FUN!
We met at Erin's got pedicures. Can never go wrong with that!
Then drove into North Minneapolis and ate at a yummy restaurant called Chino Latino.

 The best sauce on the chicken lo mein.  I'm drooling right now thinking about it.  Literally.
We walked around Uptown some checking out the stores.  There is great atmosphere here.  
Fantastic for people watching.  
I saw a guy gay couple holding hands, and a pack of models, none less tall than about 6'.  One girl, I swear her legs went up to my armpits.
Back at Erin's house, Lyea pulled out her jewelry making stuff, which is extensive and we all made something, except Lyea who had to help the rest of us.
And can you believe it?!  Bart gave each of us (except Lyea) facials/peals!  Squeal!  It was so fun!
Lyea and Kristy went home while Erin, Becca, and I stayed up late chattting.
Erin slept in her own bed...pregnant party pooper, and I was bunk buddies with Becca.  We stayed up until around 4am and were woken up several times over the next five hours.  One of those times including a light for a plant on a timer.  Now that was wake up!
Waffles for breakfast!  Becca and I were delirious and laughing lots.  There always has to be drama with girls, and of course that included me.  I was so sensitive and overly tired, and hate to make people feel at all bad about themselves, especially when no offense was intended.
All in all, one word:  Awesome.
Thanks my friends!  I'm going to miss y'all!

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  1. Best girls night EVER! But, JoAnne, just for posterity's sake, we need to get the facts straight: we stayed up until at least 5 am, and then you gave an awesome talk the next day. That's hard core.