Friday, April 13, 2012

Randomness Feb-March

2/1  I love the white noise of a furnace.
I don't like the ticking of clocks.
Jacob had good parent/teacher conferences.  The teachers seem to like him.
Making a blueberry cake.  I packed my muffin tins.
Got stood up at McDonald's today.
A guy was supposed to show up and buy a lens.  Jerk.
2/3 Another load to the thrift store.
I have a problem with sunflower seeds.
 Spilled a huge amount of Gatorade on me and the kitchen floor.  Now THAT's a wake up.
Yay!  Sold one set of dishes and also some seamless paper today.  Only three more craigslist items to go!
2/5 Kids are making oven pancakes after church to break our fast.
(They ended up perfect and were snarfed).
I lost a laundry basket full of clothes.  I have looked all over the house.
It has two of my favorite sweat pants in it.  I'm in trouble.
I didn't even know it was the Super bowl today,
 until Justin told me there was a party at the house he's staying at.
Oy vey.  The missing laundry, I never folded it.  It's still in the dryer.  I'm losing it.
2/6 It's my Mom's 67th birthday today.  :)
Finally sold a lens on craigslist.  Took the third buyer to actually show up,
I'm getting sick - achy.
Met with a realtor today.  I think we'll go with him.  Jon Perkins.
2/7 My glands are so so swollen.
Bought five bags of pretzel bagels.  drools.
Ammon went to school with his shirt buttoned wrong all day yesterday.  I love that little boy so much.
Sold the digital piano last night.  Jacob is sad.
Isaac made brownies.
Ammon wore the same clothes today.  Buttoned correctly.
Allison and Ammon have their Valentine's all ready to be delivered.
I miss that magical day.  I wonder if my friends would go for an exchange day.
Justin is flying in this weekend!  Only 10 days until I leave for our trip!
2/8 I wish there was medicine to make these glands shrink.  Yeouch!
Did you know mosquitoes are the world's deadliest animal?
Mmmm clean sheets.
Also clean oven.  I've never turned on my self-cleaning oven.  My mom has always done it for me.
2/9  Drove all over town trying to find a Kindle Fire in stock.  Mega sale this week.
Justin found one in Logan, Utah and will bring it tomorrow.
I get SOOOOOOOOOO excited and chills hearing a New Zealand accent!!!!!!!
I washed my Ugg slippers accidentally.  I was scared for the worse, but they fared well.
2/15 There is a For Sale sign in my front yard!  We are live on the MLS!  CRAZY!!!!!!
Made a triple batch of gingersnaps to eat, give, and freeze.  Three dozen are rolled in the freezer ready to bake at a moments notice for showings.
I leave in three days!  Holy Moly!
I need to pack my clothes.  I bet none of my shorts fit.
Allison had yummy cheesecake for her birthday.  She loves her Kindle.
Isaac, I made him an oreo ice cream cake, and it turned out fantastic.
He got cash for his birthday- early.  We'll be gone.
2/16 My toes look Amazing.
I went on a throw pillow binge.
Had our first house showing tonight.
3/8 Spring Break starts tomorrow for, like, 10 days.  It's gonna be intense around here.
Jet lag is kicking my butt.
Made lemonade with strawberry and orange juice.  Oh. So. Good.
Saw buds on the trees, gnats, and a caterpillar on a walk today.
3/13 Gorgeous sunny day outside.  Kids on trampoline.  Ahhh spring.
Now if I could just get those stinky sink full of dishes done.
Haircuts for the boys.  Kept Jacob's long so his didn't really count.
House hunting sucks when there aren't many options to choose from.
I pray that we find a home/neighborhood/ward/school that is good for our family.
3/19 Dropped Justin off at the airport then cried on the way home.
Went to Trader Joe's for the first time on Saturday.
I accidentally bought UNsalted pistachios.
They have yummy dehydrated pineapple.
We found a house we both LOVE but it's barely out-of-reach financially.
Jacob is annoyed by Isaac all the time recently.
I have turned into a semi-texter with my new phone.
Our first thunder storm of the year and it was a doozie!
I wish Justin were home to go for a late night walk with me.
3/22  Went for a bike ride in rainy weather with my friend Becca and her kids.
Eating chocolate licorice.
Because I'm depressed.
I thought it would be fun to house hunt but it's anti-fun.  Every house that is a possibility always has a contract signed (information we don't have access to; our realtor does).
Bit the inside of my cheek and now have a huge blood blister.
3/26  My hair is dry.  I can go to bed now.
Took kids to the library tonight.  Need to stick to one day.  Paid $21.60 in fines.
I sleep so much better when Justin is next to me.
We decided that house hunting for us is like finding the perfect camping spot:
want it to be unique; quiet; wooded; often you get so tired of looking; you settle for a crappy spot;  passed several good ones along the way that would have sufficed.
3/29  Isaac and Allison BOTH lost a tooth today.
We put in an offer in a house in Layton today.
I have butterflies thinking about it.  Excited butterflies.  But also nervous ones mixed in too.
I'm having a happy day.
3/31  I drew mustaches on all the kids while they were sleeping.
It was hard not to laugh.  Well, I did laugh a little.
I finally. finally! got around to starting Allison's denim square quilt.  I have everything sewn together for the back, or is it back....  Just need to put top and bottom together.  I'm going to bind it in Utah unless there is a great friend in MN that would help me.
General Conference was good as always.
Ammon got stung by a wasp tonight in our basement.  So weird!  There aren't many bugs out yet.
It drives me nutso when my sheets aren't tight on the mattress.  They always seem to be baggy.
Allison and I had fun babysitting Ezra last night.  I love that we can giggle together.
If we don't get that house, I wonder how I'm going to feel.  I wonder how I'm going to feel if we DO get the house.  I keep thinking it's too much money, but it's also not too much money for what it is, and what you can get in Utah.  Looking at other houses on the market, I'm uninspired.  

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