Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 12 - Sunday

March 4. Got up, showered, and drove about 30 minutes north to Oamaru for church. 
  It's a branch mostly of Tongan's.  The room was packed with large Polynesian families, squirmy kids.  Oh, but when they sing!  The room was filled with beautiful music.  Not always on key, but heartfelt.  And when the verses were sung, oh the harmonies!  
We were here for testimony meeting and was pleasantly surprised to see children and teens participate.  Every person actually bore a testimony rather than a thank-a-mony.  And were well said.  The kids started with. "My dear brothers and sisters," or "good morning brothers and sisters" and were not shy!  Several people introduced themselves.  We went to the English Sunday School vs the Tongan one.  There were six people besides us.  It started off as a discussion of 2 Nephi 28 and what to watch out for in the last days.  It got on the topic of poor vs wealthy.  The Branch President got off on a tangent which surprised both of us....  How can people with so much money feel good about themselves when others have so little, someone in the branch drives a $150k car etc.  And ragged on this person.  When he was done I asked how he knows this person doesn't give.   He scoffed and said he's seen his tithing statements. What?  Wow.  I couldn't believe he said this out loud!  Seems like he has a pride issue himself.  I didn't say anything else, but it kept on this track the rest of the lesson. If you received an inheritance, you shouldn't keep it.   Who are they to judge what someone is doing?  We left somewhat shocked. 
 Right now we are sitting on a side road, had a nap, and taking it easy on a Sunday.  
Longest bridge in New Zealand; Rakaia bridge/1,757 metres
We video chatted with the kids and my parents awhile.  Good to see their faces.  Can't believe we go home tomorrow.  We drove closer to Christchurch and stayed in a little town at a campground.  Seriously, they have the worst camp grounds ever.  I hated it.  Justin initially parked right by the busy highway and I put up a grumpy stink.  Fasting was making me hard to be around.  I said that if he moved the RV, it would be okay, and it was much better.   We made cheese sandwiches for dinner then sat back and relaxed the rest of the evening.  We watched two episodes of Idiot Abroad.  Justin laughed so hard he had tears streaming and sounded a bit like a girl.  I love when he laughs, it's contagious.  

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