Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 9 - Friday

We planned to mostly drive all day so did very little sight seeing.
  We ran a quick waterfall hike, walked/ran to Blue Pool, which for some reason, today, was bright green. 
 Stopped in Wanaka at The Puzzling World and looked in their waaaaay overpriced gift shop and then stopped at a Salvation Army and bought a few random things:  Justin found a long sleeved bike Jersey and a tie.  I should have bought that red jacket (it's cold here!).  Tried to find me another pair of wool slippers but I must be looking in the wrong type of shops.  
We bought lunch at a take-a-way on the lake.  Justin got a Turkish ia Bab and loved it.  They has passionfriut ice cream, so I got another cone.   
I took a nap on the way to Queenstown.  Justin said it was like The Tour de France.  
Parked in town and checked in to the Shotover Jet Boat.  
Queenstown feels like Park City.  Lots of touristy shops, the hills, people.  Very busy place, very steep roads.  
The SOJ was fun! Not worth $240 but fun.  I'm glad we did it.  The river was beautiful.  Justin and I got sprayed in the face and Justin got a brain freeze which made me giggle.  The boat goes up and down a narrow river gorge barely avoiding rocks and trees in the water, also doing 360's.  
I love Justin's hair!!
Back in town Justin bought a burger at a busy joint.  It was $10 and the size of a dinner plate.  He said is was great.  On our way out of town, we noticed a ticket on our windshield.  We parked too long on the street, not noticing any signs.  $21.  
Beautiful farm country with majestic mountains surrounding us. 
 It was beginning to be sunset, so there were sun rays and lovely shadows everywhere.  We parked in a Holiday campground.  Another parking lot.  Dumped our yucky water, were able to get the water cap off and filled it.  Washed our few dishes in their kitchen and now I'm journaling eating a strange flavored Ramen.  The heater is blowing by my feet drying our wet shoes.  Excited to utilize the hot shower tomorrow morning.  We stayed here so I could charge my camera batteries; $36/night.  I cannot get enough of pineapple lumps.  They make my taste buds scream with happiness.

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