Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 11 - Saturday

Our propane ran out in the night time.  We drove back through Te Aneu and filled it.  
 They spell vegies "veges".
Justin busted more long hours on the road until we got to Dunedin to go to the Cadbury chocolate factory tour.  We got a few candy bars...mmmm.  The tour wasn't that awesome, just okay. 


 Next up was the Baldwin Street, the steepest street IN THE WORLD.  We walked up to the top, then Justin decided he needed to run up to compare his time with the fastest on record (1:58).  He was 3:30 and dripping sweat. 
Then we stopped at Shag Point to see the seals and also to explore a part of the beach under the cottages.  
On the beach, all rocks are interesting circle formations.  I'll let the pictures describe them.  The kelp was mesmerizing.  
Justin found a baby seal that looked like it had been strangled, but was still mobile.  I could have spent a long time here but the next stop...penguins!  
A baby in the grass!
Even on was swimming for us...hehehe!  So cute!
I love the tracks in the sand.
 This guy had an amazingly close lens on his camera/video camera.  He let us look through it.  Nice guy.  He was on a bird watching tour of New Zealand (by himself).
We turned off at Moeraki and drove to the lighthouse.  Very windy, it is today too (Sunday).  The penguins here had been raised by humans several generation ago so are not afraid of people like they usually are.  We were so lucky to see 15, yes you read right.  15!!  And close up as well.  Maybe 10 feet away.  Highlight!   
We made it to the Moreaki boulders at sunset, so quickly walked the ten minute beach walk.  These are amazing how they seem to grow from the sand.  We putzed around a few minutes and it was getting dark so ventured our way back playing with my camera settings.  
 no flash.  It was dark out.  Amazing what a high iso can do.
Speaking of my camera...this has been a frustration for me.  My lens keeps telling me error, check the connections.  I read online that this means there is a problem with a cable.  What it means to me now is that I can never know if it's going to work or not.  Frustrating!!!!!  Camped close by.

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