Thursday, November 8, 2012

Random Dittmer Stuff

We have a kid raffle for doing their jobs and keeping their personal basket empty that resides on the stairs.  Huge motivation for these guys.  Highly recommended.

 Playing Apples to Apples.
 We had to redo our front office due to the previous owners' dog urine issues.  So stinky.  We took out the carpet, painted, new flooring.  We have a new desk and working on a place for the kids to put their back packs.  I love this room.  Justin and I redid a bookcase with pallets.  Huge job.  Huge!  I did the easy part of chopping them to size and arranging.  
 Walks in the woods by the house.
Went on a walk with my dad.

You can see a little how steep our driveway/road is.  

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  1. That looks like a turkey feather?
    I like your collages. Do you use a fancy program to make these???
    Cute photos.