Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Randomness

9/1 I'm a failure.
Total Failure.
I tried (for the second time) to make a cover for my camera strap.
Failure.  Fail Fail!!
And let me tell you about my fail of last night:
I mixed my hair dyes just right.  Sat 35 minutes.  Washed.  Dried.  Still had gray hairs.
What the freaking CRAP.
Went to bed baffled.
In the middle of the night figured out I'd forgotten the developer.  Now I get to do it all over again.
FAIL period.
Must be pms time?  Who knows.
We have a ping pong table up in the basement.  That should be fun.
One hour later:  made a third camera strap cover and it fits.  Mostly.
My house gets dusty fast.
I am hungry for some yummy food.
10/2 Today was a better day.
I also didn't do anything crafty, just in case.
I did start to redo our 72 hour kits.  Mostly just need food.
Allison loves the Thomson tradition of chipped beef for dinner.
Jacob finished his MeeMercial.  Well, I say Jacob very loosely, but at least it's done.
I've heard "you look too young to have a 16 year old" a lot since I moved here.
Makes me wonder if they thought I was a pregnant teen Mom.
10/3 Our water bill for the month of September was $133.  For only water.
In Minnesota is was about $110 for THREE months including sewer and garbage pick up.
Had a meeting with Jacob's school about his education, transition etc.
It's overwhelming to me.
Jacob in college?  Wha???
10/8  General Conference was amazing.  We were at my parents house.  I feel I was able to get more out of this conference than many years past.
And Jacob possibly leaving in two years for a mission?  Whoa!
Had our kids give a synopsis of one talk per session.  I was amazed at how well the did.  Good job kids!
Came home to a freezing house.
Ammon wrote me the cutest letter.  Plus I got three Skittles taped to it.
Brought home a few more grapes and bunches of apples to play with.
My new full length mirror makes me look so tall and skinny.
10/17  My hands are freezing.  Welcome to colder weather.
Driving by a Costco, Jacob said, "don't they have like giant bars of mayonnaise?"
I laughed for about five minutes.
The church being built about a block from our house got a steeple today.  Woo hoo!
Family camp out to Goblin Valley was super!
Life is starting to get busy between school and church.
Maybe we'll make friends some day.  That would be nice.
10/22 Why do thrift store clothes smell the same no matter where you buy them?
Had a fantastic day out with one of my besties, Tina.
My birthday was crappy, okay, then crappy.
My kids were cute with making cards and wanting the day to be special for me.
10/23  I love Lemonheads.
So foggy this morning, I couldn't see houses next to mine hardly at all.
Especially just down the hill from me.

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  1. I loved that thing about the giant bars of mayo. It's is good you are documenting this stuff.
    Love you.