Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall Break Day 1

Ooooof!  What a weekend!  Amazingly, nothing went too wrong in our five days of camping.
We left only an hour and a half late, not too shabby, for Price.  Justin stopped at a bike shop while I took the kids to the Dinosaur museum across the street.  
Ammon insisted on buying this little pterodactyl we nick named "Terry" but he didn't like so he called it "Something" the rest of the trip.
I love old theater signs.
We met up with my parents in Price (stopping at the DI and finding a sweet deal on a badminton set, brand new for $2!!)  and took off for Crystal Geyser.  
Justin was walking along the Green river bank and found out it was very squishy mud.  Har har!
 Something unique about this place:  you can walk around and there are no signs, ropes or people telling you what to do.  It's free too.  It is not a hot spring, by the way.  Justin HAD to get a closer look and only got his shoes a little bit wet.
Another rockhound friend of my parents, Dan, met up with us here and we all drove around looking for a dinosaur dig in vain.

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