Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall Break Day 2

It rained during the night; outside was fresh, crisp, and muddy.  Ammon and I got up early and went with Grandpa for a drive in their sidexside.  I got up early because I pretty much didn't sleep.  Jacob tossed all. night. long. AND ground his teeth all. night. long.
We were on a quest to find the dino dig, but were side tracked by a nice find of travertine.
I noticed a cave and scrambled up the mountainside to explore.  It was worth it.  It was a long skinny cave, where animals obviously had inhabited at some point.  My dad couldn't handle not seeing it, so he joined me.  If I were more adventuresome  I could have trummy crawled, but it did look dangerous and kinda gross with little poopies all over the place.  Dad took home a few large pieces of travertine for his collection.
Isaac acquired about 3" of mud.

We drove to our next campsite, Floy Wash.  And did I mention that it rained?  
We drove to see some dinosaur footprints, hoping we could avoid rain, but alas it decided to rain bucket fulls as soon as we got out of the car and dying as soon as we were done.  My dad's truck got stuck in the mud but he got it out pretty fast.  Everyone was soaked through to the skin, except for Jacob and Isaac who donned rain gear.
And rain?  Uhm yes.  On the drive in, there was no water in these stream beds.  We did drive through, probably stupid, but we made it.  The mini van prevails!  I did get a video of going through the wash on the right.  It was intense!!  I love my dad's reaction, watch for it.  He wanted a video but we were too quick to drive through.
We drove to Moab to see a rock show, since the day was rained out.
Right outside of town, people were stopping all over the sides of the road and my first thought was some type of animal, but instead there was a raging chocolate colored waterfall.  Stunning.  Later that night on our way back to our campsite, this water fall was no where to be seen; dried up completely.
We stopped at a hike near a canyon leaving Grandma and Allison in the car.  It looked like rain, but it held off!  It was a beautiful hike.  The engorged stream was mesmerizing and I loved to see different types of plants, including a cliff rose.  We also saw cute tiny frogs/toads.  

Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us crash in your camper!

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