Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

Justin's brother, Tony, invited our family to his work party at Adobe in Orem, so Justin and I dressed up (not normal).  This party was huge.  I heard there were 9,000 people that showed up.  The employees decorate their cubicles with a theme (Plants vs. Zombies, Mad Scientist, Hunger Games etc) and you walk through haunted house style.  It was amazing.  The kids loved it, although Ammon seemed to get scared sometimes, but that meant he would hold my hand which I love.
 Trick or Treating in Utah.
Not different from Minnesota.
If you notice in the bottom right picture, it was warm so no jackets.
Allison went with a couple friends from school.  Jacob, Isaac, and Ammon, armed with a highlighted map, went on their own.  Which if you might notice, means Justin and I were ALONE.  We watched an episode of Psych.  Awesome!  We had about 30 trick-or-treaters, about 50% more than MN.
The three younger kids participated in our tradition of The Halloween Goblin and gave a large portion of their candy to The Goblin in exchange for a gift.  The kids got little Hexbugs.  And The Goblin made out pretty well too.

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